May 28, 2023

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Zeblaze Mini Wear, Cheap Smartwatch Choice with Complete Health Functions

Talking about smartwatches, there are quite a lot of choices for smartphone pairs with varying prices. For this review, will review a product from gearbest, namely Zeblaze MiniWear. This smartwatch, which is priced at 400 thousand, cannot be underestimated, even though the price is affordable, the features are quite complete too. What are the features of this Zeblaze MiniWear?

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Main features of Zeblaze MiniWear :

  • Using bluetooth version 4.0 which means it can pair with a smartphone with a maximum distance of 10 meters
  • Anti-lost. With this feature you don’t need to be afraid anymore if you’re hanging out, walking or watching your cellphone left behind, because Zeblaze MiniWear will automatically notify you that your smartphone is left behind
  • Remote camera. With this feature you can control your smartphone camera remotely, for example when you want to take a photo with friends, just control it from this Zeblaze MiniWear smartwatch.
  • Heart rate monitor. Apart from social functions, health functions are also embedded in this Zeblaze MiniWear
  • sleep management. With the Zeblaze MiniWear smartwatch you can get quality sleep.
  • Sync with smartphones. Get basic information about smartphones directly on this Zeblaze MiniWear. You don’t have to bother opening your cellphone to check SMS notifications, telephone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook and so on.
  • Another health function of Zeblaze MiniWear is a pedometer, what is a pedometer? The pedometer is used to find out how many steps you walked today. With a pedometer the user can find out how far he ran or walked while jogging.
  • Splash resistant. You don’t need to worry anymore if water suddenly spills on your smartwatch, because Zeblaze MiniWear is equipped with splash-resistant capabilities.
  • Can be a partner when exercising. Combine the pedometer and heart rate sensor functions with these functions, you can get detailed information about your body condition.

Complete Specifications of Zeblaze MiniWear

  • RAM 128mb, ROM 64mb
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Functions: answer the phone, reminder misscall
  • Health Functions: Heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep monitor
  • Other functions: Remote camera, facebook notifications, whatsapp, sms, anti-lost, alarm, calculator, calendar, stopwatch
  • Screen type : IPS
  • Screen resolution 240 x 240
  • Battery Capacity 200 mAh Li-Polymer type, standby time 72 hours
  • Watch material type: stainless steel, watch band material: leather
  • Compatible for android 4.4 and above, and IOS version 8.0 and above
  • Available in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Available colors: Gold and Silver

Conclusion : The Zeblaze MiniWear smartwatch has an elegant design and looks like an ordinary watch, but has advanced functions and features. You can get this smartwatch for $ 37.99 or around 400 thousand rupiah on the site

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