May 31, 2023

Starting June 26, YouTube may say goodbye to the Stories feature temporarily. Users cannot create new stories and available stories may disappear after a week.

YouTube encourages creators to explore community posts and short videos as an alternative, with expanded text-based updates and expiration options.

In June, YouTube may say goodbye to its Stories feature, which is a temporary post format.

From June 26th onwards, users may lose the ability to impact stories, and any available posts may automatically disappear after a week.

YouTube urges content creators to explore alternative ways to share content on the platform, with particular emphasis on Community posts and short videos.

These options are already in vogue as viable alternatives to the discontinued Stories feature.

YouTube Says Goodbye To ‘Stories Feature’

YouTube has recently expanded the availability of Community posts, allowing creators to share text based updates which can have an expiration date.

In addition to text, content creators can use Community posts to share interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, images and videos. These posts appear in a special tab in the creator channel.

In addition, YouTube has clearly increased the popularity of short videos and has responded by creating its own TikTok competitor, Shorts.

The platform actively encourages content creators who generally make longer videos to explore the realm of shorter content. YouTube changed its monetization strategy in February, allowing content creators to earn ad revenue from short videos.

While the temporary content plan originated on Snapchat and has since been adopted by various social media platforms, YouTube isn’t the first to discontinue its own version.

Twitter fleet, which is a short post that disappears within 24 hours, becomes an example of importance.

As YouTube says goodbye to Stories, it is prioritizing increasing alternative content sharing options for Creator-Community Posts, and short videos.

The streaming giant launched its Stories feature in 2017 under the name Reels, limiting it to users with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, Stories provide content creators with the service to share channel updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content as a promotional tool.

However, it’s evident that Stories are not achieving substantial popularity while taking a look at the current YouTube landscape.

Limited availability of features and rare use by creators results in minimal promotion, even from YouTube itself.

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