June 4, 2023

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XCOM 2 is the sequel to the XCOM game with a perfect update. Unlike the case with other game sequels that only offer graphical updates, where game director Jake Solomon can provide a variety of positive changes that are presented in this XCOM game sequel. This game is also one of the best types of strategy games in 2016 which is able to offer a spectacular experience like XCOM: Enemy Unknown. With extraordinary treats, it feels like you can be amazed by this game.


Game XCOM 2 features an opening video telling the events of 20 years ago. Where the middle earth is in the new order era government through the ADVENT organization. In general, the organization actually has a good image, but they have a very evil plan. After going through the tutorial mission introducing several types of new enemies as well as the conceal feature, you will be taken to a mothership from XCOM called the Avenger. Where this plane is exactly like the SHIELD headquarters in the movie The Avengers.

Through this sequel to the XCOM game, you will meet engineers and also the chief scientist of the organization. Where they will give a brief explanation of the essential features for you to do in Avenger, such as training soldiers, producing weapons with advanced technology and conducting research. Games XCOM 2 itself has a very high level of difficulty at the beginning of the game. Just like a baby who is learning to walk, this game is a game with high expectations.

The first mission after the tutorial itself became a boomerang, where gamers will play missions using only 4 troops with basic skills, and the technology used is also conventional where shooting is not on target, this XCOM 2 game has presented many strong enemies to the team. that you have. You have to face directly with one more Sectoid who can control the mind. Where this Sectoid has 8 HP, temporarily assault rifle available can only offer 3-4 damage when hit of course.

Not to mention the ADVENT Officer who is equipped with a very high level of accuracy in this game can give commands to enemies to focus on attacking 1 person. If he has given his command, then you can guarantee that 1 member of your team will die. Intermittent 2-3 missions, you will find Codex. Where if you give a Damage, then the Codex splits itself. Codex also has an area attack to make ammo empty in an instant.

Although this game certainly makes you feel pressured during the initial mission of the game, you can take advantage of a variety of new game mechanics with Firaxis Games embedded in XCOM 2 to make the fight even more exciting.

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