May 31, 2023

Why You Can’t Look Down on Other Ethnic Nations – Summary: Reasons why you should not look to other ethnic groups to learn more. Because these actions are a form of denial of the destiny of God Almighty and actions that damage Pancasila which can damage unity and harmony. Such narrow pride is negativity that accomplishes nothing. This pride would not serve the tribe well.

Matching search results: Viewing other races is disgraceful and should not exist in our country. Gender differences must be accepted… To condemn other ethnic groups is not commendable in our opinion and must exist. Gender differences must be accepted…

Why You Can’t Look Down on Other Ethnic Nations

Summary: Answer: The best answer is ethnicity, religion and religion because it can cause ethnic conflict. No one should be offended by the color of our skin, we are all equal in God’s eyes. Sorry if I am wrong.

An example of behavior that shows a sense of pride as an Indonesian child, the Independent Curriculum Civics Class 4 Elementary School

Search results: October 1; 2021 We have sex, religion, Because even though our skin color is different, we are all the same before God. You shouldn’t hate anyone. We have different nationalities, regardless of skin color. We must not hate anyone. …

Summary: New questions on the topic of PPKn. 4. Write down two events. A community that values ​​unity. Sovereignty of the State of Palestine. Please answer why logic and legal reasoning are important for law students. Share personal experiences according to the theme (values ​​of the Youth Pledge Association). Answer yes and don’t be lazy, don’t forget to name it 🙂 Please! Pick up before 29/09 at 11am. 1. What is the meaning of Pancasila as a national figure? 2. Prove that every rule in Pancasila is the identity of the Indonesian nation. Pankasila is known as described in a Sutra from the Magapahi period. Pankasila in KitaSutasoma means five syllables. What are five syllables? 4. Pancasila is the foundation of the Indonesian state. What is the realization of Pankasila? form the basis of the state 5. Explain the purpose of Pancasila as the source of all sources of law in Indonesia. What does Pancasila mean as an Indonesian? Give examples of the application of Pancasila in everyday life by looking at the state as a way of life. How to view Pancasila as the character of the nation? 9. What challenges did you face in maintaining your Indonesian identity? (3) 10. What if the contents of the law conflict with Pancasila values? What steps should be taken to overcome this? 1. (concepts, conventions and agreements together with the principles observed in life). 2. (Principles of life, agreements and collective agreements in society) Pancasila is the identity of the nation and this is the identity of the Indonesian nation. Pancasila is the basis of the state (Used to master. Indonesian language controls all aspects of life and government.) Pancasila is the basis of the state because it is in accordance with the spirit of the Indonesian nation. The Role of Indonesian Supporters 6. The position of Pancasila as the identity of the Indonesian nation provides national identity and at the same time serves as a differentiator between the Indonesian nation and other nations.

Consistent Research Findings: Explain that we should not ignore other ethnic groups. … Prove that every precept in Pancasila is a symbol of the nation… Explain that other nations should not be hated. Proving that every law in Pancasila is a symbol of the state.

Summary: Criticism of other ethnic groups can be harmful to those being criticized. As humans, we are not meant to hurt one another. We must respect each other.

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