June 4, 2023

What is not a function of the framework is – The following statement which is not a framework function is… a. body shape b. meat formation c. self-correction d. site of muscle attachment

Based on the questions above, the function of the skeleton is to give shape to the body, align the body and attach muscles. So the question that is not a frame function is b. meat formation.

What is not a function of the framework is

Apart from the skeleton or bones, other important and interconnected parts are the muscles. Muscles are active tools that have the ability to contract to help move bones. There are three types of muscles, namely smooth muscles, striated muscles, and cardiac muscles. These muscles have the following properties:

Rsup Dr. Sardjito

According to Norman, new problems in PPKn conflicts can prevent conflicts of interest in society! Do you agree with this statement? Explain the basis of your opinion! The purpose of respecting and appreciating adherents of different religions is….A. Creating harmony in worship B. Achieving harmony in life between religious communities C. Creating brotherhood among adherents D. Realization of faith in each religion Pliss Answer Tomorrow there will be a meeting to discuss the meeting with General Nishimura, please help brother 8. Please pay attention to the following statement! (1) Cooperate without discrimination based on ethnic origin. (2) Respect only certain citizens. (3) Avoiding interactions with different tribes or ethnicities. (4) Respect for all citizens without discrimination. Efforts to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia are numbered… (HOTS) a. (1) and (2) c. (1) and (4) b. (1) and (3) d. (2) and (4) all activities that involve manpower and human resources to meet their needs are called …. please answer now​ 1. Which of the following is not a skeletal function: a. form the body c. muscle attachment site b. meat formation d.

1. Sclera Serves to keep the eye moist. 2. Cornea (clear membrane) There is a clear membrane at the front of the sclera.

Our body also has components that can move or shift it. What happens when we take a step?

HIGH FOUNDATION SCHOOL. in the. It gives shape to the bodies of living things. B. It protects the vital organs of the body. in the. Hold and straighten the body

Which of the following statements are not framework functions?


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