June 4, 2023

What Does The Song Tell You About – Turning off the song above, please answer, OK kk 1. What does the song tell? 2 Why are humans happy 3. What is the first thing humans think about happiness? 4. Why are men afraid to show love to women?

2. According to the lyrics, “I’m as happy as I can be” means when someone falls in love at first sight. He can express his feelings.

What Does The Song Tell You About

4. For fear of expressing his feelings first, but after meeting a woman He may believe that woman is true love who wants to live and can’t live without her.

The Story Behind The Beatles’ Song I Want To Tell You

Partayan Baru DB Engris 8. If it’s not raining…… A. I go to library B. 1 I go to library C. I go to library d. i go to my library…go to the library 8. If you don’t pay your monthly electric bill on time. What would you do? 9. If your motorcycle broke down What would you do? My…… This is the best solution we want to gain market share. What is meant by argumentation in an analytical story? 1. What is the content of the song? 2. What is the structure of the song? 3. What is the moral value of the song? 4. What do you think about the lyrics of the song? 5. Do you like this song? Why? Why?

1) Music tells us about friendship. Their friend has a friend who is always by his side. They said they would never leave them alone and that they could trust them.

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