May 28, 2023

Watch Movie Crawl – Back again with in discussing an Action, Horror, and Thriller film, you can imagine 3 genres, which can create tension when watching the film, then join in in one film called Crawl.

Before discussing this film, try to imagine being chased and targeted by 2 predatory animals, namely lake crocodiles. Just to imagine it, already makes our neck hairs stand up, and our whole body is full of sweat, right?

All this crazy stuff, has been manufactured into one film by Craig J. Flores, Sam Raimi, and Alexandre Aja. With a budget cost of $ 17 million, this film managed to make a profit after its release of $ 90 million, that’s great!

With a duration of 87 minutes, the film Crawl is a natural disaster horror film, able to make the audience dissolve into the storyline that was created, a formula that is often used, namely saving themselves from various dangers.

That’s right, this film takes the theme of saving lives from a storm, but it’s not just a storm, but there are a pair of predatory animals, namely ferocious and wild lake crocodiles, which are very, very threatening to lose lives.

Don’t move yet! Are you curious about the excitement of watching the movie Crawl, which is very tense? You can read the full synopsis of this film below, and get a link to watch the movie Crawl!

Storyline and Watch Links for Crawl (2019) Full Movie

Before moving on to read to get the link to watch the Crawl movie, we will tell you one secret from the Crawl movie in this review! However, make sure that you read this review to the end.

Because, if you don’t read it to the end, we can be sure you will miss the secret about this Crawl movie. Apart from reviewing the storyline, we have also provided a link to enjoy this film officially and for free.

Apart from that, the link to watch the movie Crawl in full HD 1080p, subtitles are available from various languages ​​including Indonesian, and remember once again this link is official and free especially for you, and let’s look at the storyline of the movie Crawl together below.

There is a reliable swimmer named Haley Keller, who is struggling to join the race. This is so that her career will take off even more, while she is practicing Haley gets a call from her older sister, Beth.

Beth told Haley that a major hurricane was en route to Florida, this hurricane is a Category 5 hurricane, which is the most dangerous hurricane and will have the potential to create damage that could destroy entire cities.

Then, Beth told Haley to get out of Florida and find a safer place for a while. Haley, who heard this news, immediately panicked and was reminded of her father Dave, who lived alone in the family home near the lake.

Without thinking twice and not afraid to take risks, Haley rushed to pick up her father. Meanwhile, the Florida Police have issued a ban on approaching the point of the storm area, namely the area where their family lives.

But in one way, Haley managed to break through the ban, to continue walking to their house. Arriving home, he immediately looked for his father but could not find him anywhere.

Thanks to the help of her pet dog named Sugar, Haley was able to find her father who was downstairs in the house. Unfortunately, Dave’s condition was seriously injured due to falling wood debris and was unconscious.

Haley was afraid that the volume of water would overflow and drown them both, she tried to bring Dave to a higher place, while approaching the door to get out of the basement.

Haley’s head’s eyes had seen a pair of wild and wild alligators, it turned out that before he lost consciousness, Dave already knew where the pair of alligators were, when Dave was aware he told Haley that the alligators could enter the house.

Due to a big storm and looking for a room to save the pair of alligators, fortunately they found a large pipe as a way out, which the alligators probably couldn’t reach, due to their small size.

The small hole in the pipe led them both to the back basemant, meaning it would drown them when the volume of water was about to overflow, finally Haley tried to find a way to distract the alligator.

Haley tried to get help from outsiders, it just so happened that in their house there was a mini gas station. There were 3 people who had not had time to help them, but had been pounced on by a group of alligators.

Then at another point, Haley saw two policemen who were looking for residents, but unfortunately they were also pounced on by a group of alligators earlier. The harder it is to find a way out, he gets an opportunity to take one of the police guns.

While the process of getting a gun was in progress, the father defended his daughter from being attacked, and killed an alligator with a hoe, Haley managed to get the gun from the body of one of the police.

A glimpse of hope begins to emerge, when Haley and her father Dave get a boat. They thought that the storm might stop, but it only got worse, and made their boat tossed.

What will happen to Haley and her father, Dave? Will they both survive the storm and the alligator attack? Instead of hanging up here, you can immediately click the link below to watch the Crawl movie.

Synopsis & Watch Link Film Crawl Full Movie HD 1080p >> Click Here

List of Real Names of Indonesian Sub Crawl Movie Players

List of Real Names of Indonesian Sub Crawl Movie Players

As we already know, the Crawl film is studded with stars who play the characters in this film, if you like the acting of the existing characters, you can check their real names below.

That way, if one day he returns to playing a character or starring in a film, you can watch his acting again. Apart from that, you also provide some feedback to add more enthusiasm to them.

Crawl Movie Cast

  • Barry Pepper played by Dave Keller
  • Rich Scodelario played by Haley Keller
  • Morfydd Clark played by Beth Keller
  • Cso-Cso played by Sugar
  • Ross Anderson played by Wayne Taylor
  • Anson Boon played by Stan
  • José Palma played by Pete
  • George Somner played by Marv
  • Ami Metcalf played by Lee
  • Annamaria Serda played by Emma
  • Savannah Steyn played by Lisa

Important Figures In The Production Process

  • Production company : Raimi Productions and Fire Ax Pictures
  • Producer :
    • Craig J Flores
    • Sam Raimi
    • Alexandre aja
  • Director : Alexandre
  • Cinematographer : Maxime Alexandre
  • Writer : Michael Rasmussen & Shawn Rasmussen
  • Distributors : Paramount Pictures
  • Editor : Elliot Greenberg
  • Duration : 87 minutes
  • Release Date : 10 July 2019 (Indonesia) and 12 July 2019 (United States of America)
  • Country : United States of America
  • Language : English

Up here, you can enjoy the full Crawl movie, and don’t forget to provide feedback to the cast or respond to this Crawl movie, that way they can fix what’s lacking, when making the next film.

You can provide feedback through social media accounts or platforms they have, and if you want to give feedback to the cast you can look for the social media accounts they have.

So, with this discussion on Synopsis & Link for Watching Film Crawl Full Movie HD 1080p, I hope you can watch and enjoy the film in your spare time, and look forward to discussing further films and links.

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