June 4, 2023

saparapi.idCirculating videos Naked Caucasians in the middle of a dance performance at Bali went viral and became the spotlight of netizens on social media.

The circulation of the Caucasian video has also become a hot topic of conversation on the virtual world recently.

The viral Caucasian video that sticks out in the search for trending searches was uploaded by the Twitter account @LovelyLavenna.

In the video clip, the foreigner can be seen waddling at a dance performance in Bali.

The Caucasians went on stage without a single thread of clothing when the dance performance was in progress.

So who are the Caucasian Foreign Citizens (WNA)?

The incident is known to have occurred at Puri Saraswati, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

Quoted from Detik.com, the identity of the foreigner is Darja Tuschinski (28), a German national.

Previously, Caucasians were known to go to the stage and climb the steps behind the stage and then break down the door that was in that place.

The officer dressed in Balinese custom immediately prevented the foreigner from doing something that was inappropriate for the public to see.

Meanwhile, in the Balinese dance stage there were also a number of spectators who were dominated by foreigners or tourists.

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