May 30, 2023

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Imagine power being transported through the air, without the need for charging cables or mats. That’s what the Ossia Cota’s wireless charging technology can do, and it became available this year. Cota has been in development for ten years and flows like a cylindrical tower, more or less the shape and size of a Mac Pro.

the latest wireless charging technology

Inside the Cota are hundreds of omnidirectional antennas that can transmit radio frequency bands in excess of 2.8 GHz at 100 Hz, above the interference range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The waves carry electrical power, capable of delivering 1 watt of power wirelessly up to 10 meters, but they are not always active. To ensure safe charging, the Cota only sends power when it receives a connection signal from the device. If the signal is not detected, such as someone standing in the direction of the waves, no power is transmitted. The Cota is also not limited to smart devices, it can recharge almost anything a receiver chip can carry, including digital cameras, remote controls, electric toothbrushes, smoke detectors and IoT devices like electronic thermostats and locks.

The Cota is slated to enter production sometime in the third quarter of this year, while receiver chips are being produced. According to Ossia, the first generation of Cota products mainly targeted accessories, such as cell phone cases, with a receiver chip inside. If all goes well, the next generation of devices will be ready to design.

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