May 29, 2023

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Best Double Din Android Head Unit for Your Car

Car audio technology in Indonesia is getting more sophisticated with the presence of new head unit technology. Most recently, now you are using a gadget with the Android operating system and you can play songs by streaming audio. One of them is using the Spotify Audio Connectivity application as a facility in the head unit with Android features that can be connected to the internet. Okay, let’s start with Spotify Audio Connectivity, which is in the head unit of the Pioneer AVH-X8850BT. According to Max Adam Kamil from Gema Swara Adhitama, the holder of the Pioneer brand in Indonesia, the presence of the new Spotify technology just this year has been echoed. “This feature that uses the Bluetooth line allows users to play various kinds of songs by streaming audio from the internet. So the songs are not limited,” said Max Adam. Advantages and Disadvantages of the All New Honda CB150R

How to connect? To use this facility, all you have to do is connect the gadget to the head unit via a Bluetooth connection. Sound Quality Song Format SUARA BERKLAS One of the song formats that is much talked about by the audio community in Indonesia is the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). Yes, this is a song format that can be downloaded on the internet in very good quality. A digital recording can be compressed into the FLAC format so that it is smaller, then if needed it can be restored to its original state. On average, FLAC files are 53% of their original size. Next that has good quality is WAV. Andreas Tjahjadi, the boss of PT Audio Plus is falmilier with this format. “As long as I try WAV is better than AAC and MP3,” said Andreas.

Specifically, WAV stands for Waveform Audio Format. This is a standard audio file format developed by Microsoft and IBM. Then the Spotify application that was previously downloaded to the gadget is played. For those who don’t want to be bothered, you can choose Shuf?e mode which plays various songs non-stop without the need to make changes or press buttons again. So, for those who want to play songs from the internet, such as SoundCloud or other audio sources, this can be done with an Android-powered head unit. Clarion AX1 with Android and Wi-Fi features allows you to play songs directly from the internet. The Android operating system used is version 2.3.7 which is made for the Android OS for automotive. For Nissan All New X-Trail owners, there is a 10-inch AVT head unit equipped with the Android operating system. The product is equipped with Android V.4.4.4 features which have a very high level of response speed on the screen. Others, there is an AVT head unit for the All New CR-V which uses Android Jelly Bean 4.1 with a dual core processor. Fast installation, only takes about 40 minutes. The price of the All New X-Trail and CR-V head unit is around IDR 7 million. What is a Hybrid Car? What Types of Hybrid Cars?

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