May 30, 2023

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Easy and Fast Ways to Get Rid of Double Chin

Admin knows, it must have often crossed your mind to look for instant ways when you want to transform certain areas of the body. Eliminate acne in one night, become slimmer in one week, or even dream of brighter skin the next day. Huft … the process is too instant it can actually endanger yourself. So, this year is the time for you to get more optimal results by trying a combination of the latest technology accompanied by the touch of certified experts at our selected clinics. So, is not the time for you to depend on just one treatment option to get your ideal body. Curious to know the treatment. What have our team tried this time? Come on, let’s see the excitement!

Bye-Bye Double Chin

Gravity sucks, right? But it turns out that apart from gravity, double chin can arise due to sagging skin and the presence of fat deposits. Therefore, we tried the Coolsculpting treatment combined with Ultherapy at the Jakarta Aesthetic Clinic. The initial procedure carried out by dr. Olivia Ong, dipl.AAAM is Coolscupting using the Coolmini applicator on the double chin area. This treatment starts with mapping the fat area, then continues with the application of a skin protecting gel to keep it safe when in contact with the machine which will have a vacuum effect and deliver cold air -11 degrees. The left and right areas are worked out separately with a duration of 45 minutes on each side. Indeed, in the first 10 minutes you will feel uncomfortable and sore in the back neck area, but after that the treatment goes on more comfortably. When the machine was released, the discomfort reappeared because the skin was exposed to room temperature and the doctor did a light massage on the double chin area. Massage is done to increase fat loss by up to 68%. When finished, redness will appear on the skin which can disappear on its own after 3-4 days. But don’t panic, because this is normal. After that, the results started to appear after 2 weeks and it was time for us to maximize the end results with the Ultherapy procedure on the face area. This tightening treatment with an Ultrasound machine begins with the application of anesthetic cream for 30 minutes, then the doctor draws a pattern on the face to determine the focus of the work. After that the skin will be coated with gel as a conductor. The work, which takes 2-3 hours, is also accompanied by real time visualization (such as during an ultrasound at the obstetrician) which aims to determine whether the depth of the micro heat waves is right into the collagen or not. For maximum results, we can see in a period of 1-6 months with repeated treatments that will be recommended. If the skin is looser, of course you will need a more intense repetition process

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