May 30, 2023

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This is a Nikon DSLR Camera for Beginner Photographers

Nikon is now back with Nikon D810, the latest DSLR camera that will fulfill the desires of photo hunters. Well, this DSLR camera from Nikon is really equipped with interesting specifications. The resulting images or photos are guaranteed to be sharp because the camera does not have a low pass filter and the image sensor has also been updated so that it suppresses noise. The sensor used is CMOS FX with a resolution of 36.8 mega pixels, you can imagine how the image quality is not like. Not to mention the support for the XPEED 4 processor on the D810, Nikon claims that this camera performs 30% better.

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Nikon D810

Actually Nikon D810 is not a revolutionary camera because the camera does not introduce new features that did not exist before, it still uses features that have been widely used on DSLR cameras that have been out on the market before. Apart from that, this Nikon is also supported by ISO ranging from 64 to 12800, which is quite low. But this is very beneficial for landscape photographers to reduce the ND filter when light is abundant. This Nikon camera screen is 3.2 inches, quite standard for DSLR cameras.

Like the Nikon D4s, the D810 on the back is given an additional sub pixel (W) so that the screen can appear brighter without requiring a lot of power. This is certainly beneficial because it can save battery consumption. Not only that, you can also match the colors on the monitor, camera and during final printing. It’s amazing isn’t it? Anyway camera Nikon D810 tough on all terrain.

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