May 29, 2023

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SAMSUNG Pocket Camera Prices – Samsung is increasingly known by many people for presenting very reliable smartphones, besides that Samsung is also increasingly expanding their wings to produce cameras, and what we will discuss this time is pocket cameras from Samsung. It is common knowledge that Samsung is the king of technology, including in smartphone technology, smartphones made by Samsung are very popular in the market, and their smartphones have been eagerly awaited by smartphone lovers. It’s no different from a camera, Samsung also presents a camera with sophisticated specifications, assisted by a relatively cheap price, as we know Samsung doesn’t only present pocket cameras, but there are also mirrorless cameras and others.

The Samsung brand is indeed familiar, because this brand always presents products that don’t disappoint, and some of its products can be said to have above average quality. Call it one of them is a pocket camera from Samsung whose full name is Samsung ES-95, this camera can be regarded as a capable camera and is also priced at an affordable price for all people.

SAMSUNG Pocket Camera Prices

SAMSUNG Pocket Camera Prices

In addition, this time the Samsung camera has a powerful 16.1 megapixel lens that has been coupled with 5x optical zoom and also 5x digital zoom, making it easier for you to capture objects from a distance. Besides that, there is also an F2.5 lens feature that can be used to take photos even if you are in a low light room, besides that this camera will produce JPEG photo formats with a resolution of 4608 × 3456 pixels.

Besides that, there is still an LCD with a 2.7-inch wide screen that you can use as a tool when you are aiming at objects and even reviewing your shots. There’s more, namely Digital Image Stabilization which is useful for reducing blur in your shots, and also caused by hand shake when shooting objects. Besides that, you can also use this camera made by Samsung to record videos, you can easily make tutorials and upload them to YouTube, the video quality produced by this camera is HD 1280×720 HQ with 30fps. Talking about other features, of course there are many features in it, one of which is Autofocus, LED Flash, White Balance, Shutter Speed ​​and many others.

Cheap Samsung Pocket Camera Prices Reliable Specifications

Camera Type Specification New price
Samsung DV-2014

Price of SAMSUNG DV-2014 Pocket Camera

  • Dual LCDs
  • wfi
  • SoccerFrame
  • 16 MP

IDR 1,850,000

Samsung NX Mini

Price of SAMSUNG NX Mini Pocket Camera

  • Touch Screen 3″ Flip Up
  • 9-27mm lens
  • 20.5MP resolution
  • 1″ BSI CMOS sensor

IDR 4,250,000

Samsung WB350F

Price for SAMSUNG Pocket Camera WB350F

  • 16.3 MP
  • 21 optical zooms
  • WiFi connection
  • Autoshare feature

IDR 3,270,000

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG Galaxy Camera 2

  • Android v4.3 JBP, Processor (1.6 Q)
  • 121.2mm (4.8″) HD Super Clear Touch Display
  • 21 optical zooms
  • smart mode

IDR 5,050,000

Samsung NX2000 Plus Galaxy Tab3 Lite T110

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG NX2000 Plus Galaxy Tab3 Lite T110

  • 20.3MP Camera
  • 3.7” Touch Screen
  • Kit Lens 18-55mm
  • NFC Wi-Fi

IDR 7,099,000

Samsung DV-180F

Price of SAMSUNG DV-180F Pocket Camera

  • 16 Megapixels
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • HD Videos

IDR 1,800,000

Samsung EC-WB150

Price of SAMSUNG EC-WB150 Pocket Camera

  • 18X Schneider Optical Zoom
  • 24mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Full Manual Mode (A/S/M)
  • 3.0-inch Bright LCD

IDR 2,289,000

Samsung WB 250 F

Price for SAMSUNG WB 250 F Pocket Camera

  • 14.2MP Camera
  • 3″ Touch Screen
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • Limited Quantity

IDR 2,449,000

Samsung ST-150F

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG ST-150F

  • Built in Wifi
  • 16.2 MP
  • 5x Zoom
  • 3″ LCDs

IDR 1,550,000

Samsung ES-95

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG ES-95

  • 16.1MP Camera
  • 2.7″ LCDs
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • HD videos

IDR 1,200,000

Samsung WB-50F

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG WB-50F

  • 16.2 MP
  • Optical Zoom 12x
  • Screen 3″ TFT LCD
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connection

IDR 2,300,000

Samsung ES 99 1Piece

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG ES 99 1 Piece

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 7,381,000

Samsung ES 90 1 piece

Price for 1 Piece SAMSUNG ES90 Pocket Camera

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 8,869,000

Samsung PL120

Price of SAMSUNG PL120 Pocket Camera

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 10,395,000

Samsung PL200

Price of SAMSUNG PL200 Pocket Camera

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 10,904,000

Samsung ST65

Price of Pocket Camera SAMSUNG ST65

  • User friendly in both functions
  • Captures quality images
  • Easy to use

IDR 9,534,000

Samsung NX 500

Price of the NX 500 Pocket Camera

  • 28.2MP resolution
  • NX Autofocus System III
  • 4K UHD video recorder
  • DRIMe V processor

IDR 10,350,000

So many types have been presented by Samsung manufacturers, if you want to find out more there is still the Samsung WB35F which is equipped with a Wifi feature, so you can easily upload your photos and videos to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Path and others. -other. Besides that, the Samsung WB35F camera is also priced at an affordable price so that it can be reached for the lower middle class, another advantage of this camera is that you can also control the camera via your smartphone with the Remote Viewfinder Pro feature, of course this feature will be very useful when you want to capture your moment in the jump pose.

You also no longer need to worry about running out of internal memory, because this camera is equipped with an SD memory card slot, besides that you can also save your photos on web storage such as Dropbox via wifi which is already in the camera. If you like adding funny effects to photos, Samsung can do it because it already includes photo editing and filter features such as Miniature, Vignetting, Classic, Retro, Cross Filter and also Fish Eye. How interesting isn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with glancing at this Samsung WB35F camera. That was the information that we can convey to you about the price of a Samsung pocket camera, hopefully with the information above you will no longer be confused about choosing a pocket camera that is right for you.

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