May 29, 2023 – The meaning of a dream bitten by a bee has a variety of different interpretations, both according to primbon and based on Islamic science.

As we have seen, recently we have been surprised by bee stings that can lead to death.

The types of bees that can attack are Vespa affilis bees which the Javanese call “wasps ndas”.

Because of that incident, maybe some of us can be traumatized or even carried away by dreams.

Then we must ask what the meaning of dreaming of being stung by a bee is it a good sign or a bad sign. To answer that, on this occasion we will discuss the meaning of dreams of bee stings.

Bee Biting Dream Meaning

Bee Biting Dream Meaning

1. Stern Warning

Dreams of being stung by a bee or wasp can be a warning sign for the dreamer. Warning about what? Maybe it is still related to the behavior and actions of the dreamer.

So like other dream meanings, we must learn to maintain attitude and behavior.

2. Stung by a very sick bee

It means that you will face problems and difficulties like never before. Of course you will be confused in solving it, you may give up and lose.

But it’s not the right choice, you have to solve the problem even if it’s very difficult. Remember “Every difficulty there must be a way out”.

3. Fear

The dream meaning of being stung by a bee can also describe the great fear within you.

According to psychologists, fear is related to work, marriage, the future, and failure. You shouldn’t be afraid before you try it.

4. Stung by Many Bees

According to psychologists, this dream does not mean bad but means good. It is explained that you are currently liked by many people for a reason.

It could be because you are kind, like helping people, and have traits and behaviors that please others.

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5. Stung by a Bee Until Swollen

Have you ever dreamed of being stung by a bee causing bruising and swelling? That can be a bad sign. According to psychologists, you will experience a bad event in the near future and it will become a bad memory that is hard to forget.

6. Stung by a bee but not sick

That means you are a tough person and don’t give up easily in facing every challenge in life.

It makes it easier for you to pursue your dreams and goals in the real world. What if in this world nothing like the meaning of this dream? Yes, we must be aware.

7. Stung by a bee for taking its honey

This dream means that you are choosing a very difficult path in terms of success. But the more difficult you face, the greater the reward will be. So you will get different achievements from others, you will also get great success.

8. Dream of being bitten by a big bee

According to psychologists’ responses, this dream describes your unstable feelings or emotional condition.

In just a short time emotional changes can occur, sometimes sadness, anxiety, restlessness, and so on appear. It’s a sign that you need to calm down to get rid of bad emotions.

9. The Meaning of Dreams of Being Stung by a Little Bee

What does it mean to be stung by a little bee? Described by psychologists, this dream means that you will experience a small, embarrassing event in the real world. It’s best to be careful in your actions, don’t embarrass yourself in public.

10. Stung by a bee in the forest

According to psychologists, this dream reflects the difficulties you face in the real world, there will be many challenges and obstacles waiting for you. But don’t despair because it looks difficult, just face what you have chosen.

The Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee Based on Myths

The Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee Based on Myths

1. The dream of being stung by a big bee

In a myth, this dream implies that the dreamer will be threatened or intimidated by others.

There may be people who hold grudges or resent you for plotting something bad. It is best to be wary of suspicious people.

2. Stung by a bee because it bothers him

What does it mean to be stung by a bee for disturbing the hive? In circulating myths, this dream implies that you will deal with someone who has a high position because of flirting.

The lesson is that we don’t interfere in other people’s lives if we don’t want to get into trouble.

3. Stung by a Honey Bee

What if stung by a honey-producing bee? In a myth, this dream means that your path to success is quite difficult.

But it turns out that you will get good results according to the difficulties encountered. This is in accordance with the adage “The results will not be far from the effort”.

4. Stung by a Bee to Bruising

How about a dream of being stung by a bee that causes scars? This means that you will get bad luck that you never thought of before.

It could be bad luck in terms of work, business or other people. Of course you have to be careful in what you act because usually bad luck is due to your own carelessness.

5. Stung by a Black Bee

That means you will get a lot of enemies in the real world, what causes it? It may be because of your actions or actions that other people don’t like.

You have to maintain your attitude and behavior, don’t make other people hate and be hostile to you.

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The Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee in Javanese Primbon

The Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee in Javanese Primbon

1. The Meaning of Dreams Stung by Bees in General

Dreaming of being stung by a bee is a sleep experience that people don’t like.

In the native Javanese language, being stung generally denotes a bad event or unwanted experience in the real world.

Stinging is also related to heartache because of something the dreamer has recently experienced.

2. The Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee on the Lips

This one event may often be experienced in the real world, what if it appears in a dream? It means a warning for the dreamer to keep his word.

So we shouldn’t say bad words, hurt feelings, or offend others.

3. Stung by a Black Bee

What does it mean to be stung by a black bee? You will get some new enemies in the real world. What caused it? Maybe because of differences of opinion, disagreements, or before there was a small fight. It’s better to avoid things that trigger you to get a lot of enemies.

4. Dream of being stung by a white bee

This means that you will get help or assistance from others when you have difficulties or are in big trouble.

But actually this dream teaches us to get used to helping others, but helping in good.

5. The dream of being stung by a big bee

In Javanese Primbon, this dream is a sign that you will lose big hopes or dreams in the real world. What caused it? It turned out to be just a failure or a dead end.

It is best not to give up, remember that people will never succeed before they have had many failures.

6. Bee Stings in the Ear

This means that you will receive shocking news from someone, explained in Primbon Javanese that the news is good.

It could be a job offer, a gift, or maybe some wealth you never thought of before.

7. Bee stung on the cheek

This means that now there is someone who really likes you, this is normal if you are a teenager. But remember, don’t waste time when you are young just thinking about your life partner.

It’s better to chase your dreams and hopes first, there is an arranged matchmaking problem.

8. Bee stung in the leg

If you are stung by a bee, it can be a bad sign. In Primbon Javanese, this dream means that you will encounter obstacles or challenges that are quite difficult when pursuing your goals.

Just face what you are facing, it’s only natural that life’s journey is full of obstacles.

9. Bee Stinged on Hand

In ancient Javanese, this dream describes your feelings of great disappointment that someone you trust wants you to.

The mandate given cannot be carried out by him, his wisdom is that we must be careful in giving trust or trust to others. It is best to see the person first, whether he can keep his word or not.

10. Bee Stinged on Body

Finally, there is a dream of bee stings in other parts of the body, maybe the back, neck, stomach, thighs, arms, and so on. This dream is explained as a sign of declining health in the near future.

What caused it? Perhaps often working late at night, lack of rest, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

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So, that was our explanation regarding the Meaning of Dreams Bitten by a Bee According to Psychologists, Myths and Javanese Primbon, hopefully this can help all of you.

Thank you for reading this article and don’t forget to read our other articles.

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