May 29, 2023

The Main Elements of Dance Are The main element of the dance is the basic and important element that must be present in the dance. If these elements are not present in the dance, there will be no harmony.

If there is no harmony, the meaning of the dance itself will not be conveyed properly to the audience. What’s interesting about the dance?

The Main Elements of Dance Are

The following is an excerpt from the book Islamic Character Dance Choreography for Elementary Schools by Arina Restian:

The Most Popular and Sacred Central Javanese Dance

The main element of the first dance is viraga or body. Wiraga is an energetic, rhythmic gesture and looks good or beautiful. The nature of the dance must be brought out in the dance.

Movement in dance is divided into two categories, pure movement and expressive movement. Pure motion is motion without a goal. Likewise meaningful movement is a movement that has a deeper meaning or purpose.

In general, when the audience sees the movements of the dancers in the show, they can find out the characteristics and behavior of the dancers. An example is when a woman rotates her wrist, which indicates flexibility and softness.

The graceful movements of the dancers would not be complete without live music. The rhythm will accompany the dancers to create meaningful movements and create harmony and beauty.

What are the Main Elements in Dance? Let’s see the explanation

Beats and beats can also be used as cues for dancers when to change moves or stop.

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