June 8, 2023

The Leader of the Kingdom in the Government System with an Islamic Style has a Title – The Kingdom of Banten is one of the Islamic kingdoms on the island of Java. This government controlled the Banten region in the western part of the island of Java.

Initially founded by Siarif Ḫidajatulaḫ or Sunan Gunung Jati. It should be remembered that once the Banten region was part of the Sundanese kingdom which was Hindu.

The Leader of the Kingdom in the Government System with an Islamic Style has a Title

Apart from the history of the founding of the Banten kingdom, of course there was a king who made this kingdom develop in his time.

The Islamic Empire in Indonesia and Its Legacy

You can read various history books to get to know more about the history of the Banten Kingdom. Come and find out who are the kings who rule the kingdom of Banten!

According to reports from various sources, when there was a power struggle in the Demak kingdom, the Banten and Cirebon regions tried to break away from Demak rule. Eventually Banten and Cirebon became sovereign kingdoms and were free from the influence of Demak.

Sultan Maulana Ḫasaniddin became the first king of Banten. He ruled Banten for 18 years, namely 1552-1570. During his reign, Banten was able to control Lampung which produced a lot of spices.

During his reign, Sultan Maulana Hasaniddin succeeded in making the port of Banten a bustling port which was frequently visited by traders from various nations. Then Banten became a trading port and a center for the spread of Islam.

Central Java A Portrait of Cultural Heritage, a Period of Islamic Influence

Maulana Yusuf ruled Banten in 1570-1580. In 1579, he conquered the Payajaron kingdom in Pakuan, now Bogor, as well as getting rid of its king named Prabu Sedah.

As a result, many Payasan people fled to the mountains. They are known as the Bedouins or Bedouins in Rangkasbitung, Banten.

After the death of Sultan Maulana Wusuf, his son Maulana Muhammad ascended the throne at the age of 9. At that time his son was still very young, Mengkubumi Jaianegara ruled the kingdom until Maulana Muhammad grew up (1580-1596).

Sixteen years later, Sultan Maulana Muhammad attacked the Palembang Sultanate which was founded by Ki Gendeng Sure, a nobleman from Demak. So the descendants of the Banten Kingdom claimed the Palembang area. But Banten was later defeated, Maulana Muḫamed also lost the battle.

Entry of Islam to Indonesia

Prince Ratu who was five months old became the fourth Sultan of Banten (1596-1651). Mangkubumi Ranamanggala ruled the kingdom until the prince came of age.

Then the Dutch under the leadership of Cornelis De Hautman landed in Banten for the first time on June 22, 1596.

Prince Ratu Kanjeng was given the title of Queen of Banten. He died and was succeeded by a prince known as Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa.

Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa tried to expand his kingdom in 1671. The Sultan crowned his son as king with the title Sultan Abdul Kahar or Sultan Haji.

The Indonesian Maritime Kingdom in the Islamic Age

Currently, Sultan Haji has a good relationship with the Netherlands. Seeing this, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa was disappointed and resigned as assistant to the king Sultan Haji.

However, Sultan Haji asked for Dutch help and tried to defend himself. As a result, civil war broke out between the two. There Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa was arrested and imprisoned in Batavia until his death in 1691.

Here are some of the reigning kings. Until now, the legacy of the Banten government has been widely represented. One of them is the influence of Islam in Banten architecture which can be seen in the construction of the Great Mosque of Banten in Kenari and the Tomb of the Kings of Banten. (AA) In the past, the island of Sumatra was one of the centers of Indonesian civilization which was marked by the emergence of many kingdoms or sultanates.

In addition, most of the Sumatran kingdoms were Muslim due to the influence of Middle Eastern merchants who carried out missionary missions.

The Islamic Empire That Ever Existed in Indonesia

From those with small areas to large ones and from those who were Islamic from the beginning to those who converted to Islam in their heyday.

The Perlak Kingdom or often called the Peureulak Sultanate was an Islamic empire located in Peureulah, East Aceh, Aceh.

This oldest Islamic kingdom in Indonesia is famous for its good sources of plantation wood for shipbuilding.

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