May 30, 2023 – On this occasion we will share information about How to Check the Latest Tri Number which we will explain in the article below.

Currently, many mobile phones use dual sim technology, and most of the time one is the main card for calls or SMS only and the other card is a card only for internet packages.

And also most people only remember one of them, which is an important number, but sometimes we are also forced to mention our number, whether when topping up pulses or something else. So from that here we will discuss how to check your tri number easily and quickly in the following article.

How to Check Tri Number

How to Check Tri Number

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Via the Phone Menu/USSD Code

This method is the simplest, you don’t need additional applications or anything else. You only need to press *998# on the phone menu, then press call.

Or you can also do it another way by using a call using another code. namely by pressing *123*2*1*1# to display complete information about your card and bonuses.

Check Tri Number Through the Bima+ Application

The second way is that you can use the application provided by tri, and this is the method that makes it easier for you. But before that, you have to download it first through the Google Play Store application store if you are an Android user and in the App Store if you are using an iPhone cellphone.

After you download it, you just need to open the application and then you are required to log in first, and this only requires one-time registration. After logging in, you will be shown complete information about your number, credit and remaining quota with details, and you will also get special offers in the application.

Call Customer Service

The last way to check your number 3 is to ask the Tri operator for help directly. All telecommunications providers must have provided customer service, in order to get the best service

To check number 3 and for operator support, simply call number 123 and you can ask your customer service center representative directly about your number 3. You can also find out about the latest Tri services with the help of the operator.

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That’s our full review of How to Check Tri Numbers that we have explained in this post. You can do it easily to check the number you have.

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