May 29, 2023 – On this occasion, we will share information about the latest Indosat number method which we will explain in the article below. Indosat is one of the largest telecommunications companies after Telkomsel, which has existed in Indonesia for quite a long time, before the presence of other operators.

Indosat is also one of the internet telecommunication media which provides lots of offers in terms of internet quota.

This is what makes Indosat numbers widely used by many of its users, to meet internet needs. And this is what makes many people forget and don’t remember their own telephone number.

How to Check Indosat Numbers

How to Check Indosat Numbers

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Via the Phone Menu/USSD Code

This method is the simplest, you don’t need additional applications or anything else. you just simply press *185# on the phone menu, then press call.

Or you can also do another way by using dial up using another code, namely by pressing *123*30# . easy isn’t it?

Via the myIM3 Application

The second way is that you can use the application provided by INDOSAT, and this is the easiest way for you to get information from your card.

But before that, you have to download it first through the Google Play Store application store if you are an Android user and in the App Store if you are using an iPhone cellphone.

After you download it, you just need to open the application and then you are required to log in first, and this only requires one registration.

After you enter, you will be shown complete information about your number, credit and remaining quota with details, and you will also get special offers in the application.

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How to Check Indosat Numbers by Calling or Texting Other Numbers

The last one is the simplest way, if you don’t mind, you just have to miscall other numbers like your friends or those closest to you. With this, you will easily find out, and this method is often used by many people, including us

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That’s our full review of How to Check Indosat Numbers that we have explained in this post. You can do it easily to check the Indosat numbers that you have.

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