May 29, 2023

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The Latest Ultraportable Notebook Asus Transformer Book T100 TAM

Of course, you are no stranger to laptops and tablets, these are two types of gadgets that have almost the same uses, but what if you put the two together? This time Asus made a new breakthrough by releasing the Asus transformer book t100 tam, an ultrapotable notebook that you can turn into a tablet or laptop. It is very multifunctional and suitable to be carried anywhere, even though it has many functions but it weighs no more than 1000 grams, only 550 grams so it will be very convenient to carry it on outdoor work.

a 10 inch touch screen notebook can be a tablet from Asus

Specifications of the asus transformer book t100 tam

Let’s see how powerful the kitchen can be provided by this latest Asus product, filled with an Intel Trail T Quad Core processor that has a speed of up to 1.46 GHz, not only that the performance will be more attractive with 2 GB of RAM. The notebook measures 26.3 x 17.1 x 2.4 cm and weighs less than 1000 grams, so it is very convenient as a gadget to support your daily life with various activities.

Supported by storage media up to 500 GB and additional external media up to 32 GB, of course a storage area that is large enough even to store large files. Already using the latest Windows operating system, namely 8.1 BING, so it can support all the applications you use.

The advantages of the asus transformer book t100tam

Apart from what has been stated in the specifications, there are still some advantages provided by ultraportable notebooks. Here are some of the advantages of this Asus output product:

  • Multifunction ultraportable notebook. For those of you who have the hassle of carrying laptops and tablets in your bag, now you can combine them into an ultraportable tablet, where the screen from Asus can be removed to become a tablet, so you can watch movies more freely, play games, and monitor social media accounts. This touchpad screen will increasingly support smart gestures so you can stay stylish while working.
  • Perfect for a busy daily routine. Outdoor routines will also require you to remain professional, so you need the support of gadgets that can make presentations, calculations and document creation. Where this Asus product is equipped with Microsoft Office 365 which you can use in full under a license for 1 year, you will get Microsoft Word, Power Point to One Note to help with routines, document storage is also available up to 1 TB in size, in addition to office workers This gadget is suitable for those who are still studying.
  • The screen display is more attractive. Don’t assume that a multifunctional notebook doesn’t have a large screen size, with a 10.1-inch screen, a resolution of up to 1466 x 768 pixels and a full HD screen will make the touch on the screen more stable. Moreover, it is supported by in-plane switching (IPS) technology which functions to make the display brighter by up to 178 degrees.

Price for asus transformer book t100tam

Seeing the many specifications and advantages of the Asus Transformer Book T100 Tam, pasta seems to be priced at a high price, but in fact it’s only Rp. 6,999,000 you can take home, not too expensive for an ultraportable notebook.

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