May 29, 2023

The Function of Word Balloons in Comics – Comics is a form of visual art that is represented by a series of unique images composed of a narrative that is intertwined with a structural representation of the characters and characters on each page. Comics are usually printed on paper with story decorations that include text in bubbles or balloons. Comics are published in various forms, such as comic strips which are often published in newspapers or magazines, as well as individual books.

According to KBBI, comics are stories that are easy to digest, usually in the form of humorous illustrated stories (in the form of magazines, newspapers or books). They are humorous stories that emphasize movement and action presented in a sequence of pictures made up of specific words. Usually jokes are depicted with foam or air bubbles (Arsyad: 2014).

The Function of Word Balloons in Comics

According to Scott McCullat in his book Understanding Humor, comics are images that convey a message or evoke an aesthetic response in the audience. Almost all comic text consists of the relationship between pictures (visual symbols) and words (verbal symbols). Images in comics are sequential and interconnected to form a story. In this context, McCullat (2002:9) defines comics as “images and other symbols arranged in a certain sequence to convey messages or obtain aesthetic responses from readers”.

Getting to Know Comic Anatomy

Comic books are stories that emphasize movement and action expressed by a sequence of images created in a unique way by combining words.

Nana Sudjana and Ahmed Rivai (2002: 64) define comics as a form of animation that is closely related to imagery and is designed to entertain readers. Comics have interesting storylines and provide a variety of fun activities. In fact, comics can make characters feel alive because they support free colors.

Ms. Gumelar (2011: 7), comics are pictures arranged according to the creator’s goals and philosophy to express happy messages, and the necessary characters are given to comics as needed.

Darianto (2010:27) states that comics are a form of storytelling with a series of interesting images. Comics offer a simple plot, the content is easy to understand and understand, so they are very popular with both children and adults.

Pdf) The Influence of Use of Comic Graphic Media on Science Learning Achievement in Material Functions of Organs of Students of Class V Slb B

According to Hurlock (1978), humor is a medium that provides a model that can be used to improve and develop a child’s personality. Comics can be used as a medium of communication to convey information, stories, even knowledge, just like other genres of children’s literature.

According to the experts above, from several definitions of comics, it can be concluded that comics are a collection of images that are sequential and interrelated with the characters who play a story. Comics are also given background text so that comics can easily understand the context of the story.

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