May 30, 2023

The function of the horses in Pencak Silat is indicated by numbers – Pencak silat is undoubtedly one of the most popular martial arts in Indonesia and can be called a heritage martial art. There are several basic Pancock Slate techniques that must be mastered by every beginner martial arts practitioner or athlete. With lots of practice, with lots of endurance, this technique is not a problem.

Like the basic techniques of Wing Chun, Pencak silat also has fixed techniques and is the most basic and basic technique. This stance must be taken by a fighter or martial artist who is ready to face an opponent. There are many types of horses because of their behavior.

The function of the horses in Pencak Silat is indicated by numbers

When the fighter performs a back stance, this means that the stance must concentrate the weight on the back leg. Heels can be placed over the feet to lean forward. At the same time, the forefoot can be lifted at the toe while the heel is planted on the ground.

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Not only the back kick, but also the front kick that must be mastered by all pancock fighters, where one leg must be in a forward position and the other leg must be back when straightened. Turn your back foot out and shift your weight forward. The body may be in an upright position and focus straight ahead.

When practicing this technique, fighters can position themselves with one leg bent to one side. Meanwhile, the other leg can be straightened from the other side. Your body should be in an upright position with your body weight resting on your feet where you landed first, your shoulders more or less in line with your feet.

In the Front Cross Pose technique, this is a combination of front and side standing movement techniques that are performed simultaneously. When a fighter performs a front cross, one leg is extended and bent.

This leg is used to support the attacker’s weight. As for the other leg, you can gently place it in the direction of the front foot. All warriors have to do is touch the other finger with the thumb to move them to the next level on the floor.

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The next position is the Back Cross Pose technique, which means the reverse position or movement of the Front Cross Pose. Fighters can do this by placing one foot on their body weight and the other lightly. The difference is only the position of the body backwards, the position of the feet slightly forward.

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