May 28, 2023

The function of facts in the news is – The role of truth in the media is – Information technology is now very complex so that the information process is very fast.

So information is very important because it does not rule out the possibility of very dangerous and misleading or false news that affects the nation and state.

The function of facts in the news is

There are various types of information or misinformation which is fabricated information and is dangerous because it lacks truth or evidence.

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The accuracy of news or facts is important to get information. Because real information is information that can be trusted and honest.

Without evidence and facts, information or news can only be accepted as speculation and cannot be the actual source or information of the situation. Here are some works of truth or evidence in the media as follows:

The mission of truth in the media is to provide accurate information. Real news is information that readers are most interested in because it can display real events or incidents. The information is reliable. However, as a journalist providing this information, you should at least know how to write evidence so readers can be sure that your information is more accurate than information from other sources.

Evidence-based information that engages readers. Because residents as people who read the document are people who always want to know the changes that are happening at this time. Although there are several other very interesting documents, they are the only evidence that can clarify the events or events that occurred at that time.

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The information function is to provide information. But sometimes the information is not clear. Another case if the information is evidence while what is said is factual information.

The following information is considered as evidence because it comes from certain sources and is reliable.

The data collection process is another factor to consider when creating an evidence base. In the absence of correct writing, key points of information are lost and the reader becomes confused.

An evidence-based document that contains more detailed information. Evidence and information are two things that complement and support each other. Journalists who collect documents without proper information are said to have violated journalists’ rights.

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However, even when it comes to information and evidence, actual information is not easy to come by. This is because journalists need to find reliable information when the event takes place. Journalists must find key witnesses. If the key witness does not provide false information, the documents that will be disclosed become court documents.

Evidence is irrelevant information. Because the information is not as good as what actually happened. However, this impartial information must contain some correct information or information and guarantees.

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