June 4, 2023

The following countries are members of Asean except – (ASEAN) is an organization of Southeast Asian countries which was established in 1967. August 8 Several countries that are members of the ASEAN organization are Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, there are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The formation of the ASEAN organization began with the meeting of the foreign ministers of the five Southeast Asian countries on 5-8. August 1967. Bangkok, Thailand.

The following countries are members of Asean except

The outcome of the meeting was an agreement to form the ASEAN Cooperation Organization. The foreign ministers who signed the Bangkok Declaration on 8 August 1967 were Adam Malik (Indonesia), Sinnathamby Rajaratnam (Singapore), Narcisco Ramos (Philippines), Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia) and Thanat Khoman (Thailand).

Get to know the northernmost country in Asean, so the only country that has three seasons in Southeast Asia

The inhabitants of Southeast Asia speak several languages. In mainland Malaysia and Indonesia, Malay is spoken by the local population. In terms of agricultural activities, Southeast Asia is a fertile agricultural area.

More than 50 percent of the population work as farmers. Most of the population of Southeast Asian countries work in agriculture, except for Malaysia – less than 40%, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore – less than 10%.

Social Sciences (IPS) Package A, SD/MI VI. equal degree, and the foundation of ASEAN is due to the similarities between its various member countries. The four similarities between ASEAN member countries are:

Every community in ASEAN countries has cultural similarities such as skin color, customs, staple foods and customs.

ASEAN Member States

This similarity makes it easier for ASEAN member countries to work together in various fields, especially after breaking away from foreign colonialism.

The purpose of establishing ASEAN As an organization of Southeast Asian countries, ASEAN has goals that are agreed upon by all its members. These goals are contained in the Bangkok Declaration or the Bangkok Charter and signed by the 5 (five) founding members of ASEAN.

2. Improving peace and stability in the region by committing to respect justice for countries in the region and complying with the United Nations (UN) Charter.

3. To promote active cooperation and mutual support in the economic, social, technical, scientific and administrative fields of common interest.

Uts Pkn Class 6 Elementary Semester 2

5. Effective cooperation to develop better agriculture and industry, expand commercial areas, develop transportation and communication infrastructure, and improve citizens’ living standards.

7. Maintaining good relations with international organizations, having the same goals and vision and opening up opportunities to establish closer relationships.

In addition to territorial waters, Indonesia also has land territories. The land area of ​​the Indonesian archipelago is one third of the total area of ​​Indonesia.

Soil is the solid part of the earth’s surface that is not filled with water. Land areas can be mountains, plateaus, plains and valleys.

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