May 29, 2023

The focus when doing a forward roll is – , Jakarta The initial posture of the forward passing movement is one that gymnasts must know. Front roll is one of the basic movements in gymnastics. Forward rolling is done by rolling forward regularly from the back of the neck, back, waist and back of the pelvis.

The starting position for the front roll is sitting and standing, you can choose one of them. It is important to remember the initial position of the front roll before doing the front roll so that the movement is perfect and does not result in injury.

The focus when doing a forward roll is

The initial position of the forward roll movement is the first movement that determines how the next movement will occur. The following is an analysis of the initial position of the Roll Ahead movement which is summarized from various sources, Wednesday (30/11/2022).

The initial attitude of the forward roll movement is squatting or standing, see the stages

Netizens loved the appearance of Satria, an orangutan from the Lamandaue Wildlife Sanctuary, who demonstrated his ability to do a forward roll, as the great actor Jackie Chan usually does in several action films.

Starting from Forward twisting is the movement of the back of the body forward, such as the back of the hips, back, waist and back. Forward rolls can be done in two ways, namely forward rolls from a crouched starting position and forward rolls from a standing starting position. In other words, the first position of the front roller is sitting or standing.

The movement of the front winding is divided into steps. The first phase starts with a standing or squatting position and then lowers the body. In this movement the body becomes unstable due to the displacement of the body’s center of gravity forward or from both feet to both hands.

The second phase begins by moving both legs, supporting the weight of the body with relaxed hands. Things to watch for in the first stage and bend both hands and body landing speed begins to decrease until both shoulders touch the mat.

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In the last phase, the body rapidly moves forward with the help of the pushing legs and arms. Then, return to a stable squat and proceed to an upright position to lock.

The starting posture for a front roll is a move to remember to avoid injury, and there are a few things to keep in mind when performing a front roll. Here are some mistakes that can occur when rolling forward.

1. The position of the hand is not right, namely the position of the hand is too wide or vice versa too narrow. You can also place your hands too far or too close to your toes.

2. The focus of one or both hands is not strong, so that the body’s balance is not perfect so that the body position is tilted.

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When throwing forwards, each stage and phase must be considered so that the resulting movement is good. In addition, paying attention to the phases and phases of the movement can reduce the risk of injury from incorrect or rejected stances.

1. Movement of the anterior fascia begins with a static backward movement with a vertical body position facing the mat. Place your hands directly by your sides.

5. Roll up with the mat touching your shoulders. Use your feet and hands to propel your body forward.

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