June 4, 2023

The Factors That Obstacle National Integration Are – National unity is an effort and process of uniting the differences that exist within the country to create national reconciliation and reconciliation. from a community to another whole or the integration of many small communities into one nation according to him. He saw the unification of the country as a change from a small community to a large one. in a large community

World integration is very important to realize. Because national unity is a way to unite the diversity that exists in Indonesia. Indonesians must be compassionate. to avoid long-term conflicts that could threaten Indonesia. Integration of countries is important for integration. It can be said that it is a good step to include something that is not generally considered good for Indonesia, for example, the inclusion of different tribes and cultures. The existence and unification of various religions in Indonesia

The Factors That Obstacle National Integration Are

Factors Encouraging National Unity Factors Inhibiting National Unity Historical factors contribute to a sense of common destiny and struggle. the desire to unite the love of the Indonesian homeland is the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the state, a national agreement or consensus on the Proclamation of Independence from Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. Indonesia Raya National Anthem. The integrated language is Indonesian. Indonesian society is different (diverse), the territory is very broad. The level of threats, challenges, obstacles and disturbances that may occur inside and outside the country. Differences in ethnicity, religion, ethnicity between different groups. have an understanding of “ethnocentrism”

Definition of National Integration

Diversity is an understanding that includes acceptance of all diversity, including civilizations, religions, ideas, religious differences. and cultural differences. Therefore, this difference is not fixed on one thing, namely religion, but the majority is very broad. However, the goal of the majority is to accept the existence of the truth when each group believes that the other two exist. vacancies. together

If you look at today’s social life. Mutual respect between religious adherents is very important to build, because mutual respect between religious adherents is a big thing if it grows in social life and in education. as in surveys We can value and respect our fellow believers when exchanging information or in surveys involving religion. If we can develop an attitude of mutual respect, reconciliation and peace that is expected to occur both in the educational and social fields.

Indonesia is not the only country. Indonesia is a country with many people because it contains different cultures. Therefore, Indonesia is known as a multilateral country. Indonesia’s pluralistic nature is caused by the following factors: 1. Indonesia’s geography in the form of islands is called an archipelago. Indonesia is located between two continents. (Asia and Australia) and two oceans (Indonesia and the Pacific) Climate and climate affect differences in soil fertility.

To make this website accessible We store user data and share it with processors. In order to use this website, you must accept our privacy policy. Including the cookie policy Nation comes from the word nation which means tribe, country.

Ppkn Kd Module 3.5 National Integration

1. The integration of Howard Riggins means the complete unification of the various parts of society. 2. Integration of Myron Weiner Refers to the process of integrating different social and cultural groups into one environment within the framework of forming a national identity. Integration often depends on the existence of ethnically diverse communities and each community has unique linguistic and cultural characteristics 3.Dr. Integration includes both vertical and horizontal styles.

5 Next… 4. J. Soedjati Djiwandono National unity is a way of maintaining national unity in a broad sense, which cannot be combined with the right to self-determination. These rights must be limited to some extent.

Community members feel that they have been able to meet each other’s needs. Formation of a collective agreement (consensus) regarding social norms and values ​​that are supported and used as guidelines. Social norms and values ​​serve as general rules for the process of social integration.

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