June 4, 2023

There is a lot of confusion over the difference between the words a lot, a lot, and allot. Below, there is a brief explanation for you about the differences between the three types of words. For more details, you can get an explanation through the article below.


This word actually does not exist and is only a writing error from the actual word, namely a lot. So, when you find the use of the word alot in English, then you find the wrong thing because the word should be a lot.

Wrong : I know a lot about her.

Correct : I know a lot about her.

Wrong : I have a lot of money.

Correct : I have a lot of money.

A lot

This word is the opposite of the word a little. As a noun, lot means in a large amount or a large number. Meanwhile, as an adverb, lot means to be in a large degree. Then, the meaning is basically the same as the form a lot.

Below, a lot is used as a noun.

Example :

Edison has a lot of video games.

Danny wins a lot of money.

Jacklin gets a lot of fruits.

Handy gives me a lot of card readers.

Mark has a lot of toys.

Below, a lot is used as an adverb.

Example :

He takes a lot.

She cheats me a lot.

They drank alcohol a lot.

You spend my money a lot.

Darlin has blamed me a lot.


Allot is a verb which means divide, ration, allocate, distribute. This word has the same meaning as to give out, to apportion, to divide, or to distribute.

The teacher will allot a paper to each student in this class.

I have to all my money to my children soon.

She is allotting her time for each schedule today.

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