June 4, 2023

Topic : DA leader warns all South Africans not to vote for ANC and EFF or this will happen.

Next year, 2024, the government of the Republic of South Africa will host general elections. Many political parties have started election campaigns.

Steenhuisen has warned South Africans that if they vote for the African National Congress (ANC) or Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the 2024 elections, they will create “doomsday.

According to Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen, South Africa would create “a doomsday scenario that would make Zimbabwe’s collapse look like a dress rehearsal and leave all South Africans destitute”.

Like Secretary General of the African National Congress Fikile Mbalula and Commander in Chief Julius Sello Malema who conducted an interview with the BBC, John Steenhuisen also had the opportunity to represent the Democratic Alliance yesterday.

John Steenhuisen made the remarks during an interview on the BBC’s HARDTalk with Stephen Sackur.


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