May 31, 2023

The correct body position when doing a back roll is – In floor exercises, one of the movements is a rubber band. Here’s how to do flexible floor gymnastics:

Pair gymnastics is one of the sports included in gymnastics. As the name suggests, floor gymnastic movements can be done on the floor without using any equipment. One of the basic movements in floor gymnastics is the rolling motion.

The correct body position when doing a back roll is

Elastic movement is one of the floor exercises that can be done on the floor without using any equipment. However, to make this rubber roll, usually used a thin or so-called mat. This mat is needed to avoid injury if you exercise on the floor without doing squats. In addition, using a mat will make it more comfortable when doing spring swings because it is done on a soft surface. This elastic reinforcement can improve flexibility, balance, and strength. The muscles that are trained by flexion are the hand muscles.

Various Kinds of Basic Movements in Floor Gymnastics, Complete and How

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Although difficult, this movement has many benefits for physical health. Whatever? Check out the details below, detikers.

Quoting Moh Gilang’s book on physical education, sports and health for secondary schools, back rolls can be started by squatting, bending your legs or standing. Here’s how:

The back roll requires strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. The benefits that can be obtained from this movement are as follows:

The final stance of a bouncing roll is to land on both feet, understand the complete steps

According to Complete Gymnastics, the main benefit of back flips is that they help build flexibility in the neck, hamstrings, and joints.

This center of the body will develop if the practice is continued. This basic strength can make the body have a strong immune system.

When you swing back and forth, your body will take in more oxygen and transfer it to your muscles. This process will make the heart more able to pump blood.

When doing backwards turns, body balance is needed. When the arms support the body during the backward rotation, balance is tested.

Body Position When Back Roll In Floor Exercise

The heart is a very important organ for humans. A healthy heart can function properly in pumping blood throughout the body to supply the oxygen and nutrients the body needs.

When the muscles get used to active movement, their strength will increase. Doing back twists helps build muscles, especially in the abs and back.

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