May 28, 2023

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The Best Samsung Brand Curved Screen 4k TV

Large luxury TVs bearing Samsung’s acronyms and marketing terms could be categorized as an example, but they are widely available at CES. TV “The Wall” made by this large TV I saw the return of Samsung’s TV division. Or at least, the early return of Samsung TVs. The Wall is a modular TV. Instead of using a single panel, this TV carries multiple display modules, each 9.37 inches and bezel-less. Samsung presented The Wall as a 146-inch TV for CES 2018, but it can support any size. I find The Wall interesting because it underscores microLED display technology. The LEDs can be turned on or off individually without using a backlight, resulting in limitless contrast levels and deep blacks. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s an advantage characteristic of OLED. MicroLED technology could be a combination of the worlds of LCD and OLED.

MicroLED technology provides a brightness level of up to 2000 lumens which currently cannot be achieved by OLED. And the use of inorganic material (gallium nitride) increases product life. It seems clear that microLED is the reason for Samsung to stick with QLED TVs (quantum dot LED-LCD TVs) instead of investing in OLED to compete with LG. Samsung is the leader in TV sales at the global level, but the sentiment for the superior picture quality of OLED TVs is unfavorable for Samsung. To be sure, Samsung has not perfected its presence again. The Wall is the only microLED TV announced. The model-based constructs mean that Samsung has yet to figure out how to manufacture microLED panels for the consumer TV market. In addition, features such as 4K resolution will affect how close the densities are between the sub-pixels and pose new technical challenges. That’s why I think 65-inch 4K HDR microLED TVs will be around at least two years ago. Aside from being eye-catching, new TVs at CES are usually big for a reason. Small high-resolution panels are more difficult to manufacture than larger panels of the same resolution. Still, Samsung’s efforts to bring the future of TV to light are commendable. Different from most products announced at CES. The Wall will ship this year. For a while, OLED is still safe, but that doesn’t mean LG can relax.

  • SAMSUNG HU8500, 55 inch Flat Screen TV, Price 30 Million

While Samsung brings its best technology to the HU9000 curved television, the HU8500 (available in 48, 55, 65 and 85 inch sizes) is still a high end television. It carries various advanced features such as Clear Motion 1000 (on a 100 Hz panel), a new local dimming method called UHD Dimming, a quad core processor for smoother operation, and integration of a DVB-T2 tuner to capture digital broadcasts. But unlike the HU9000, this series is not equipped with a camera. For design, Samsung doesn’t design it too fancy, and only has a simple brushed metal stand and no swivel function. Don’t forget the very thin bezel. The focus is on the big screen. Speaking of features, you could say the HU8500 is equipped with our favorite features. One of them is the One Connect or Evolution Kit which allows you to connect HDMI, USB or other cables into a separate box from the television so that there are no cables lying around behind the television. Do not escape standard support such as HEVC, HDMI 2.0, MHL 3.0, and HDCP 2.2. Download Game PPSSPP ISO PES 2018 Dragonball Ball FPS RPG Best Fighting War

Samsung HU8500

Called Smart Control, Samsung’s remote control relies on a Bluetooth connection to the television so it’s very practical to use. We found the touchpad to be easy when scrolling through web pages; and even for menus that don’t support them, there are navigation buttons (or you can also use the standard remote control). On the main menu page, Samsung has improved the Smart Hub interface, and this version features a Multimedia panel that combines the Photo, Video, Music and Social panels. Best Ppsspp PSP Games 2017 – 2018

Compared to the use of animation on LG, Samsung’s interface is still a bit less intuitive when accessed, especially for novice users. Another of our favorite features is MultiLink Screen, a contextual multitasking mode that lets you separate your screens, so you can do things like watch live television and browse the Internet side-by-side at the same time. The Soccer Mode which lets you zoom in on certain areas of the screen is also very good, but we weren’t too fond of the colors and contrast in that mode.


Deep black, wide dynamic range, and a perfect upscaling process are the highlights of this television. With a viewing distance of 1.5 meters, it’s hard not to be impressed by the large screen and sharpness that the HU8500 delivers.

Although the HU8500 is not equipped with PurColor technology and Auto Depth Enhancer like the HU9000, the 3D sensation of depth is very impressive in Grand Canyon Adventure, a 4K video documentary included in the Samsung UHD Video package (hard disk filled with 4K content). In fact, only by using the Standard picture mode and without doing any other calibration, we see that the displayed image color is natural. The HU8500 also excelled when we played 1080p content.

Even though it has gone through the upscaling process, the details of the Bluray version of the Skyfall film look very sharp. We also didn’t notice any judder interruptions on 24p content. Although the HU8500 relies a little less on the local zone dimming method than the HU9000’s curved screen television, we felt the HU8500 delivered deep black levels by testing it by playing the movie The Dark Night, however, it still couldn’t match the black levels of OLED. The television also displays the clarity of moving content very well thanks to the implementation of effective black frame insertion; even with the Clear Motion LED setting on, there was almost no flicker annoyance.

Lastly, the brightness of the 3D content remained high, and we noticed some interference with crosstalk. In terms of audio, his speakers do their job well because we can hear sound separation in the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. The HU8500 also features a Dolby MS11 multi-stream decoder that supports decoding of today’s popular audio formats.

Source: HWM Indonesia Magazine March 2015

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