May 29, 2023

Games for 2 year olds – Currently there are lots of games for 2 year olds scattered on the internet, but of course we as parents have to be more selective and have to be smart in choosing games for our children, especially if your child is still 2 years old.

Where at the age of 2 years children still need serious attention so you need the best games for 2 year olds, because these games can be played for the development and intelligence of your child.

Two year olds are bursting with energy, enthusiasm, exploration, and growing independence. With so many new skills, your child can’t wait to use them.

List of the 5 best games for 2 year olds

It’s a good idea before your child plays games for 2 year olds you first try them or check whether the game is good or not, and here below are some of the best games for 2 year olds, including:

ThinkFun Roll and Play Game

If there’s one game every toddler should have, it’s this one. This game is intended for toddlers aged 18 months + and my daughter absolutely loves it.

The concept is to roll a block and pick up the color associated with the one it is rolled on. Each card has a different action that you complete (e.g. touch your elbow, do a silly dance).

I was impressed by how well he learned each of these moves and he even acted sad or silly when said. It keeps his attention and he loves it when we all play as a family and sometimes the baby wants to play twice in a row.

Nowadays we play without blocks because most babies don’t understand it. It’s only a small part of the game and something he’s going to expand on which means a much longer life for the game in our house!

Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

There are several versions of this game available, but this version is the only one worth getting. The quality and playability surpasses any other models out there.

The game box says ages 4 and up, but with supervision, the games are just as fun and playable as a 2 year old baby.

The rules are simple. Take turns pressing the teeth until you press the toy teeth and when the teeth are pressed the crocodile teeth will chew its mouth closed. I had to help my daughter push her teeth down but she thought it was cute when the crocodile covered its mouth in my hand.

Bowling Set – Games for 2 year olds

This is one of those games that I thought would be too difficult for a 2 year old. I thought about how bad I bowled and then figured it would be 500 times harder for a toddler.

However, it’s a good idea to choose a smaller set which is perfect and creates a lot of fun and it can work the same way as regular bowling and the trick is to get 10 pins ready and then try to knock them out.

My daughter thinks it’s funny when they fall, and eventually they’ll come up with her own strategy that somehow she only knocks over 1 pin at a time.


This is a classic memory match game and this game is perfect it could be a little more advanced for 2 year olds. This game takes a different approach. Your child uses a reference card and then looks for a matching card.

The cards are also much bigger so they can hold them easily and you should know that this game is designed for ages 18 months and up.

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First Orchard – HABA My Very First Games

This is a German based board game aimed at toddlers 2 and or up. This was the first time we had purchased a game from My Very First Games Company, but were pleasantly surprised.
The pieces are made of thick cardboard and wood to withstand those little bits of damage.

The concept of the game is to work together to collect all the fruit in your basket before the black crow arrives in the orchard. You roll the dice to collect the fruit associated with the color you rolled.

If you roll a crow, the crow moves one step closer to the orchard. I love how you work together as a team i.e. your child in this game instead of competing against each other.

My daughter also played her own role. As mentioned above, he doesn’t understand how dies work. He uses this game to sort different colors of fruit together and collect them in a basket.

He also likes to play with crows and thinks it is “cute.” This is the perfect game to learn colors and how to group things together.

Those were the five best games for 2 year olds and I hope this article can help you, especially parents who are looking for games for you, but these games, even though they are very safe, require attention from parents.

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