May 29, 2023

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Best Digital Camera – Technology in digital cameras is also increasing, as is the case with cameras on smartphones, which are now more professional and sophisticated thanks to the latest innovations carried out by their vendors. Even though the camera on a smartphone is now starting to match the quality of a digital camera

However, it is really impossible if you equate the use of digital cameras with smartphone cameras, because smartphone cameras are only aimed at personal photo lovers or just capturing moments with family or friends. But digital cameras have a wider range of uses.

Best Digital Camera

Best Digital Camera Prices

So, on this occasion, we will recommend to you all about the best digital cameras at the moment, which are the main choice of professional photographers to support their work, in order to produce high-quality image shots.

Canon EOS 1DX – Rp. 64,999,000

The Canon 1Dx Body DSLR camera has a unique body design and is different from the others. However, the matter of the color of this DSLR camera is not much different from most other cameras, which still offer black. However, regarding the performance or quality of this Canon camera, no one can surpass it.

Best Digital Camera Prices, Canon EOS 1DX

In the body design, Canon provides magnesium alloy technology, where this technology can protect the camera from dust and weather resistance. On the LCD screen, this camera measures 3.2 inches. What’s most amazing about this camera from Canon is the shutter feature, which lasts up to 14 fps, 4000 cycles.

Nikon D4S & Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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