June 4, 2023

The basic materials used in the picture beside are – Hello friends, in this article we will discuss geometric decorations. He will not only discuss the meaning but also the types or varieties, their characteristics and some examples. If you want to find out more, we suggest listening to the discussion of this article until it’s finished. So, here’s the discussion.

Patterns or motifs are the basic forms of decoration which are usually repeated to form certain patterns in works of art or crafts. To increase the value and quality of a work of art or object, jewelry can be produced through a process of drawing, printing, sculpture, etc. The purpose of creating this decoration is to fill the empty space on the surface of a work or work of art.

The basic materials used in the picture beside are

A geometric decoration is a decoration that uses different line elements. Starting from straight lines, circles, curves, zigzags and various parts such as rectangles, circles, rectangles and other shapes which are also examples of basic shapes. This decoration is the oldest pattern in jewelery art. This is because it has been known since prehistoric times. The geometric patterns themselves progress from simple to complex patterns of repeating points, lines, and segments.

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3. If this decoration has become an object or finished work, it is included in the category of three-dimensional and three-dimensional art.

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