May 31, 2023

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This LG brand cellphone may already be familiar to the people of Indonesia. This cellphone comes from South Korea which also has lots of features that are no less interesting than other brands. The design used for this LG cellphone is also very suitable for use by young people and parents who have a young soul. The design used is indeed very stylish and the most important thing is the quality of this LG cellphone.

5 Latest LG HP 2016_6

The quality of mobile phones is one of the main keys that attract people’s attention. Many people are now getting smarter, so they choose to use a cellphone that has good quality and is reliable so they don’t regret it when they buy it. Likewise with the LG brand which is already very popular and used by many people in South Korea and also Indonesia.

The LG brand itself is still struggling to find a place in the hearts of Indonesian people. The majority of Indonesian people are still fixated on competing cellphone brands originating from South Korea as well and making the use of LG cellphones still underestimated. However, in terms of quality and features, this LG brand was the first to introduce various designs and additional features tailored to the needs of its users.

With the updated features, it is hoped that many people will use this LG brand mobile phone. In his own country of origin, South Korea, the use of this LG brand mobile phone is even higher compared to other brands. Many people use the LG brand because of its minimalist design and advanced features. Mainly by using a special front camera for LG cellphones.

Latest LG Brands

Because so many people often take selfies using cellphones, of course there are many ways that can be used. One way is to use the narcissistic stick that has been widely used. However, LG brand mobile phones have prioritized the front camera feature, making it easier for many people to take photos together by simply moving their palms. Of course this makes taking photos easier.

Below, we have summarized several mobile phone series made by LG, starting from the newest series to the predecessor series.

LG G4 Stylus

For some people, using a cellphone screen that is large enough may be a pleasure because it makes it easier to do activities. One of the LG brand mobile phones that can be an option is the LG G4 Stylus. This mobile phone has the advantage of having a 5.7-inch wide screen. It is suitable for use as a game play tool.

LG G4 Stylus

The use of the OS also uses Android Lollipop so that it can use the various features that have been provided. What’s more, the use of the LG G4 is equipped with a pen, making it easier for you to access and also write on the cellphone more quickly. The selling price can also be said to be very affordable with the various advantages offered.

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LG Leon

This cellphone is equipped with the Android Lollipop OS which has been updated very quickly. By using the Android Lollipop OS, of course, it will make it easier for users to install the features they want to get easily. Not to mention that this type of cellphone is equipped with a 4G network which will further spoil its users when using this one cellphone.

lg leon

The use of the screen also cannot be said to be too small but cannot be said to be too large. Because it only has a 4.5 inch screen which is perfect for everyday use. Unfortunately, this mobile phone still uses a front camera that has VGA image quality, so many people rarely use it. With so many kinds of quality, it might also make the price higher. Not with LG, because this one cellphone is targeted at the middle class of society so that the price is very affordable.

LG Magna

There are many types of the latest mobile phones. One of them is the LG Magna. Maybe there are still many people who are unfamiliar with this type of mobile phone. This cellphone has a 5 inch screen size which is certainly very suitable for use. For the quality of RAM usage, it is also qualified by using 1 Giga Byte of RAM which will make it easier for you to run certain applications without worrying about the cellphone hanging.

LG Magna

LG Magna also has an internal memory of 8 Giga Bytes and can be added up to 32 Giga Bytes. With 8 Giga Bytes of memory and 1 Giga Bytes of RAM, of course, for daily use it is very sufficient. Not to mention the internet network that already uses the 4G network which will spoil you to access the internet more easily. Because this cellphone is designed for the middle class, it’s not surprising that the selling price is not too expensive.

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LG G4 is one of the products released by LG that has a quality internet network that already uses a 4G network. Even for using the sim card, you also use a nano sim card, which makes it easier for you to communicate. This is because the use of a nano sim card will reduce the space on the cellphone so that the cellphone does not have free space. The LG G4 also uses Android Lollipop, making it easier for users to update the latest version of the application. The rear camera or main camera has also reached 16 Mega Pixels while for the front camera it is equipped with a 5 Mega Pixel camera so that it will make the image quality even more attractive. With such premium quality, of course, the selling price can also be said to be quite expensive. The selling price itself ranges from 7 million and above.


LG 60

Mobile this one is still equipped with a 3G network. Using a 3G network does make many people dislike it because it is considered less fast than using a 4G network. Indeed, the selling price is also not too expensive because it is targeted to the market with the middle class. This is what makes the quality and features of this cellphone not as sophisticated as other products. The screen size is also not large and only measures 4.3 inches. With a screen size like that, of course, it’s easier for you to hold and use it. The most advantageous thing about using this mobile phone is that the LG 60 mobile phone is equipped with dual sim which of course will make it easier for you to access the internet using one of the sim cards and be able to communicate with other people using the other sim card.

For the LG brand itself, there is no doubt about its quality. The quality of cellphones is of course increasingly sophisticated and can be accounted for by manufacturers when experiencing problems with these cellphones. The price difference is of course not a problem for the quality of the cellphone being sold. Because the price difference between each type will indeed be different according to the quality provided. Because the higher the quality, the higher the selling price.

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