May 29, 2023

Comic fans must be familiar with comics published by DC Comics. DC Comics is a well-known, largest and oldest comic publisher in the world.

Founded in 1934, DC Comics has produced a lot of comics Super hero famous names, such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Even para villainshis is also very legendary, like the Joker and Lex Luthor.

Stories Super hero This comic then penetrated the screen in the 1940s through the television series in the form of live-action or animation.

Only in the 1950s, Superman became the first character to appear through film Superman and the Mole Man (1951) with George Reeves as the Prince of Krypton. This film is the pilot episode of the series Adventures of Superman broadcast on Warner Bros. Television in 1952-1958.

Of the dozens of films that have been produced, we have selected the best films that feature Super hero and characters from DC Comics at their best.

1.The Dark Knight

best dc movie_The Dark Knight_

In fighting crime in Gotham, Batman is supported by Lieutenant James Gordon and Attorney Harvey Dent. However, their efforts are met with the biggest obstacle coming from the Joker and his army. He wreaks havoc on Gotham to test how far Batman can go in saving this city from destruction.

The Dark Knights (2008) is the best Batman and DC Comics film so far. Director Christopher Nolan was able to exert himself and the para cast this film to perform optimally in his role.

Even Heath Ledger, who appeared as the Joker, won an Oscar in the category Best Supporting Actor. Unfortunately, this Oscar was won after Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose.

The dark nuance of Gotham City has been shown very well with several characters who play an important role in the next Batman story.

In addition, this film also won an Oscar in the category Best Sound Editing and 6 nominations in the category Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Makeup, Best Sound MixingAnd Best Visual Effects.


best dc movie_Superman_

Superman is one Super hero popular from DC Comics. Its presence on the big screen in 1951 made it as Super hero the first to appear in the world of film.

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Even movies Superman (1978) remains a staple of films Super hero modern to the present, both in terms of storytelling and scenes action and the use of visual effects.

Christopher Reeve was considered the perfect actor to play Superman as well alter-ego Clark Kent. It’s hard to find a replacement for him, which makes subsequent Superman films unable to match the achievements of this film.

This film by Richard Donner tells of Superman from the beginning, just before the destruction of Planet Krypton. Jor-El sends his son, Kal-El, to Earth and is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Kal-El was later named Clark Kent by the pair.

Young Clark Kent discovers that he has super powers. However, he continues to live his day like an ordinary person. After leaving school, he even worked as a journalist at the Daily Planet, the company he fell in love with Lois Lane.

As Superman, Clark Kent must stop Lex Luthor’s evil plan that was about to fire a missile and sink part of America.

Superman login as nominee Oscars in three categories, viz Best Film Editing, Best Original ScoreAnd Best Sound. In addition, this film also triumphed at box-office with revenues of $134 million.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

best dc movie_The Dark Knight Rises_

Bruce Wayne mourns the death of Rachel Dawes which makes him exile and stop being Batman. But when a group of terrorists under the leadership of Bane, a former member of the League of Shadows, threatens Gotham, Batman must reappear.

With the support of James Gordon, Catwoman, Alfred and Miranda Tate, Batman once again throws all his might to save the citizens of Gotham from attacks by Bane and his army.

Christopher Nolan concludes his Batman film series with The Dark Knight Rises (2012) which presents Catwoman in helping Batman defeat Bane.

Although the quality is slightly below the film The Dark Knightsbut this film still has all the elements that were presented in the two previous films as well as being a neat trilogy closing.

4.Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

After being disappointed with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad because the two films were considered not to meet the quality of being the best DC films, DC fans are happy again with this film. Wonder Woman which was released in mid 2017.

The film that became box office with an income of 821 million dollars, appointed Gal Gadot to play the character Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman tells more about the origins of the figure of Diana Prince.

Even though she is considered a very strong superwoman, it turns out that Wonder Woman also fell in love with Steve (Chris Pine), an American pilot who also contributed to changing the course of Diana Prince’s life.

5. Batman Begins

best dc movie_Batman Begins_

Christopher Nolan comes with a new Batman concept in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Project reboot This Batman became a pioneer of the rise of DC Comics in the 2000s after previously failing with films Super hero which was worked on with no quality even though it was played by a famous actor.

Through Batman Begins (2005), Christopher Nolan presents a darker and more realistic world of Batman by reenacting Bruce Wayne’s life story and his motivations to become Batman. Christian Bale appears as the dashing and charismatic Batman and Bruce Wayne.

This film recounts the origin of Bruce Wayne as Batman. Starting after the murder of his parents, he was raised by Alfred.

In order to prove Carmine Falcone’s words, Bruce travels around the world to forge martial arts and meets Ra’s al Ghul who becomes his mentor. After leaving the League of Shadows, Bruce returned to Gotham.

Together with James Gordon, Bruce, who wore a Batman costume when he was in action, tried to fight the crime that had taken root in his city. However, Ra’s al Ghul comes to Gotham and wreaks havoc for Batman to deal with.

Apart from being studded with stars, this film minimizes the use of CGI and prioritizes value cinematography and the psychological side of the characters. So it’s only natural that DC Comics fans are excited again by Batman’s presence on the big screen and his bright future prospects.

Success on the stairs box-office with earnings of $206 million, Batman Begins also be nominee Oscar in the category Best Cinematography.

6. The Batman

best dc movie_The Batman_

The Batman (2022) by Matt Reeves, played by Robert Pattinson exists outside the DCEU. This film tells the adventures of Batman fighting crime in Gotham City in his second year.

Closer to a detective story in uncovering the mystery of the murder cases of government officials, this film presents a dark, dense nuance with a very good storyline. The action scenes are also very effective and present spectacularly, even though this film emphasizes the drama side more than action.

A sequel film is being prepared along with the series spin-off which will tell the story of Penguin’s actions in the criminal world of Gotham City. In DC Studios’ new universe design, this Batman saga lies outside DC Universe and put into the universe DC Elseworlds.

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7.Superman II

best dc movie_Superman II_

movie success Superman (1978) followed by its release Superman II (1980), the story still continues the story of the first film by featuring enemies from Planet Krypton.

Before the planet was destroyed, Jor-El imprisoned General Zod and his two men in the Phantom Zone which was banished into the vast sky. They were freed from the prison because the Phantom Zone was exposed to a wave from the explosion of a hydrogen bomb thrown by Superman into the sky.

General Zod immediately made the earth the target of his attack and wanted to dominate it. However, there is Superman who is ready to defend the continuity of humanity from the aggression of the three of them who then ally with Lex Luthor.

Although the comedic impression almost falls into silliness slapstickbut thanks to a better visual effect, Superman II can still follow the quality of the first film. Chaos in the director’s chair colored the course of the production of this film, thus making Richard Donner release the film Superman II version in 2006.

8. The Suicide Squad

best dc movie_The Suicide Squad_

Two Suicide Squad teams were sent by Amanda Waller to Corto Maltese whose government had just been couped by the military junta. One team is wiped out by the country’s military, leaving only Harley Quinn and Colonel Rick Flag. Meanwhile, another team led by Bloodsport managed to infiltrate through the forest.

They released Colonel Flag first at the rebel base. After that, they headed to Jotunheim after getting the key from Thinker. Their goal is to destroy the secret American facilities in the country.

Peacemaker finds secret files that he plans to take to Amanda, but they are taken by Bloodsport and become a guarantee of their freedom. At the same time, they must face the giant alien Starro the Conqueror.

Harley Quinn is back in the loose sequel The Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn. Apart from having action scenes that are better than the previous films, the nuances of satirical comedy are quite striking which makes this film enjoyable to enjoy.

Although the Suicide Squad team itself is not included in the big plans DC Universebut some of the characters in it will be ready to be developed into serial form.

After the serial success Peacemakerthere are still some projects spin-off others are being prepared. And the plan for the third film, Suicide Squad, continues to be floated in line with the success of the series later.

9. Shazam!


If superhero films are usually synonymous with serious figures and are depicted as men or women, teenagers or adults, Shazam! offers different things.

In this film, the audience will be introduced to a little boy who is trying to save the world from the threat of an evil demon. Due to being hit by magic, this boy named Billy Batson then turned into a big muscular man with a red costume. Can Billy save the world?

Get used to making movies Super hero which is always dark in tone, this time DC has stepped out of its comfort zone by adding a comedy genre that is really fun to watch.

The hilarious and heroic actions of the characters in this film are very intriguing and moving, without compromising the essence of saving the world as a film Super hero.

10. Batman Returns (1992)

best dc movie_Batman Returns_

Batman Returns (1992) is the best film of Batman Movie Series initiated by Tim Burton. This film is a sequel to Batman (1989) which performed better with a darker atmosphere and figure of Batman.

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