June 4, 2023

The development of anime is never ending. Every year there are always new anime titles released, either as sequel or premiere.

Anime is indeed a form of entertainment for its fans. The graphics and storyline are mostly fantasy themed, making the audience addicted to following them. Plus the personality of each character is solid and distinctive.

For those of you who are missing info about the best anime this year, we provide the recommendations below. genres and the themes or types of anime are very diverse. Curious what the title of the anime is? Check out the list below!

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1. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

best anime 2022_Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War_

After quite a long hiatus, finally in October 2022, anime Bleach aired its final season of the series. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Also known as the title Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen.

Just like the previous season, this season is also being adapted from the manga series Bleach and is the final story. And for this anime series it is planned to have 52 episodes divided into four parts.

The story begins with Soul Society, which is in chaos due to being attacked by the Wandenreich group. Yhwach, the leader of the group, is the father of all Quincy. The Wandenreich declares war on the God of Death.

The history and truth that the Gods of death had been hiding all this time would finally be revealed. And Kurosaki Ichigo must also be involved in that final battle!

2. Kaguya-sama Love Is War: Ultra Romantic

best anime_Kaguya-sama Love Is War Ultra Romantic_

Kaguya-sama Love Is War: Ultra Romantic is the 3rd season of the anime series Kaguya-sama Love Is War. It follows the story of the main characters who attend the elite school Shuchiin Academy.

The story itself focuses on the two main protagonists namely Shirogane Miyuki and Shinomiya Kaguya. Both are the chairman and vice president of the student council at the school.

They both actually like each other, but neither wants to express love first because of pride and feel their dignity will fall. As a result, the two always make tactics so that one of them can express love first.

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In this 3rd season, Shirogane and Kaguya still haven’t expressed their feelings for each other. The war of love between the two is heating up.

On the other hand, the treasurer of the student council, Yuu Ishigami, feels the pressure because of his crush on his popular upperclassman, Tsubame Koyasu. His fight with Miko Ino made Ishigami even more overwhelmed. What will happen to Shirogane, Kaguya and their friends this season?

3. Chainsaw Man

best anime 2022_Chainsaw Man_

Chainsaw Man is an anime adapted from the manga series. This anime combines action and fantasy genres with various scenes that are quite vulgar and bloody.

The story itself follows the story of a homeless youth named Denji who lives only with his demon dog, Pochita. Denji works for a yakuza to hunt low-class demons to fulfill his daily needs.

But one day, the yakuza betrayed and caused Denji to be killed. Pochita’s sadness at being abandoned by her employer causes the demon dog to give up his life for Denji. Denji comes back to life as a demon-human hybrid.

Shortly after that incident, Denji meets Makima, a woman who works in the Demon Slayer Squad. Makima invites Denji to help his organization kill evil demons that threaten life on earth.

Denji immediately accepted the invitation, not because he wanted to exterminate demons, but because he wanted to make his wild dream come true. Will Denji be able to help Makima and his organization in eradicating the evil demons?

4. Spy X Family

best anime_Spy X Family_

Spy X Family much anticipated by fans. It was adapted from the manga series of the same title by Tatsuya Endo. This anime takes place during the cold war that occurred in Europe

The story centers on three main characters: Loid Forger aka Twilight who is a spy, Yor who is a female assassin, and Anya who is a little girl with the ability to read minds.

One day, Twilight is given a mission to gather information about a prominent politician named Donovan Desmond. However, since Desmond is notoriously introverted, the only way for Twilight to approach him is to enroll a child in the same school as Desmond’s children.

Twilight was ordered to create a family and enroll their children in the school. It is for this reason that he adopts Anya and marries Yor so he can form his fake family.

The funny thing is, they try to hide their respective identities. Only Anya knows the true profession of her parents, and chooses to remain silent because she doesn’t want Twilight or Yor to know about her abilities. So, did Twilight succeed in carrying out this mission with her fake family?

5. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition

best anime of 2022_Berserk The Golden Age Arc - Memorial Edition_

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition is an edition remastered from the anime film trilogy Berserk: Ougon Jidai. This remake series has had quite a few adjustments, one of which is a few scene cut and remade.

Guts, a mercenary who escaped from a traumatized childhood. Guts continues to follow the battle against his enemies with all his might using his sword.

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