May 29, 2023

The latest written update of Teri meri Doriyaan’s episode today, May 25, 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Santosh panics when he sees a mouse in the house and scolds Ajith. Santosh angrily opens the door with a one-handed kerchief when he hears the bell ring, then he signals Ajith and Taiji to clean up the mess after seeing Jasleen and Kiara coming to their house. Jasleen stunned to call Seerat when Seerat comes downstairs, she is after seeing Jasleen.

Teri Meri Doriyaan

Teri Meri Doriyaan May 25, 2023

Jasleen comes forward and says to Seerat about Angasd’s proposal and tells her that she came personally and says she showed the diamond necklace and said she bought it for her daughter in law. The Ajits deny and reject the proposal but Jasleen convinces them to accept the proposal and says that Garry and Seerat repent and regret what they did and Garry has accepted the punishment.

Ajith rejects Jasleen’s proposal twice but Jasleen insists and forces him to accept this proposal later after Ajith says they cannot destroy Seerat’s life and Jasleen pretends to be worried for the lives of the two children and says this is the best for both of them. Ajit tells Jasleen to come back with their gifts but Jasleen asks Seerat what is the answer if she will marry Garry or not. Seerat tells them that he wants to talk to someone and then he will decide once he reaches office. Angad hides with his face.

Angad says he knows the answer is no. Seerat says his decision depends on his answer and says he doesn’t know if Garry really regrets his mistake but knows that Angad wants to see him happy. Waitress brings coffee. Seerat takes the hot cup and burns his finger. Angad worries and orders ice. Seerat says it’s okay. Angad says he doesn’t want him to live his life hiding. Seerat asks him to promise her that he will take care of her the same way even when she reaches his house as Garry’s bride.

Sahiba asks Kulche why her account is like this then she tells after her marriage with Brar Mansion customers stopped calling the shop. Sahiba sees Keerat coming to their shop and reminds them about Angad’s proposal and asks where is Seerat.

Scene switches to Angad and Seerat where Seerat seeks support from Anagad while marrying Garry. Angad asks what are you talking about, he says he needs support when he reaches the Brar Mansion as everyone hates him in the Brar family. He says why are you alone Sahiba will support you then why are you stressed but she is presumptuous she will never help her as she is against these people.

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