June 4, 2023

The story of Peter Pan was well known long before the millennial group was born, in 1953 to be precise. The character and story were written by Scottish scriptwriter, namely JM Barrie. Tells of a boy who has the ability to fly and never grows up. He lives in a fantasy land Neverland.

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Considering that Peter Pan’s story is fun to follow, the Walt Disney Pictures production house also made one remakeshis entitled Peter Pan & Wendy. The film still tells about Peter Pan’s adventures against Captain Hook along with new members he knows from the real world.


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In the mid 1990’s, a happy family lives together. They consist of father, Pak Darling (Alan Tudyk), mother Darling (Molly Parker), Wendy (Ever Anderson) and her two younger brothers, John (Joshua Pickering) and Michael (Jacobi Jupe). Wendy is currently in preparation for school.

The girl was about to attend a boarding school which was quite far from home and this made her little mellow, he does not want to grow up because it feels heavy. He wants to be able to play with his younger siblings. This was known by her mother who then reassured Wendy and put her to sleep.

At midnight, Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) and Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi) came to see Wendy and her two younger siblings. Peter Pan heard Wendy’s complaints that she didn’t want to grow up and invited her to go to Neverland, a place where she would never grow up and be able to continue playing.

Without thinking twice, Wendy invited John and Michael to join Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. The three of them are given pixie magic powder and asked them to think of fun things so they can gain the ability to fly. Before long, they were all flying towards Neverland.

They passed through a new dimension and arrived at Neverland. Wendy was very happy because it was all her dream. But unfortunately, Peter Pan’s nemesis, Captain Hook (Jude Law) knows that Peter Pan is in his territory. His sense of revenge was sticking out and he wanted to kill the little man along with all his friends.

A cannon shot ensued and succeeded in separating Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael. Wendy herself was stranded on the island. While trying to find his sister along with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, he meets Tiger Lily (Alyssa Wapanatâhk), daughter of the chief of the tribe Piccaninny who lives in Neverland.

Tiger Lily along with the members The Lost Boys came to a confused Wendy. At first they thought Wendy was a threat because she was carrying Peter Pan’s hat but she wasn’t with her. Finally they helped Wendy after explaining the situation. Everyone immediately went looking.

Captain Hook along with the rest of his men immediately sent John and Michael to a cave to be detained and finished there. Wendy, Tiger Lily and The Lost Boys who saw it waiting for the right time to move. Shortly thereafter Peter Pan appeared in the midst of Captain Hook’s men.

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He was able to roll everyone overboard and started fighting with Captain Hook. Taking advantage of this, Wendy and the others came to save John and Michael who were chained to a large rock. Once free, they all leave the cave while Captain Hook is still pursuing Peter Pan.

Captain Hook, along with Smee (Jim Gaffigan) and the others finally escape because of being chased by a crocodile after Peter Pan managed to throw them. Knowing they had fled, Peter Pan and the others returned to headquarters. Wendy, who was preparing to rest at that time, was asked to tell a story as a bedtime.

But instead of telling himself, Wendy asked Peter Pan to start first. Peter Pan tells of his first friendship with Captain Hook named James. Their friendship was torn apart when James left Neverland and returned after James had grown up and turned into a pirate.

Wendy also closed all the stories of Peter Pan with a lullaby. The singing was heard by Captain Hook and his men. As a result, Wendy and her friends were attacked and arrested. Meanwhile, Captain Hook manages to paralyze Peter Pan. Wendy and the others are brought into the prison on the ship.

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