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Straight Line Flooring Pattern Gives Impression – Class IX KD Dance. 3.2/4.2 Compiler: Priyatni, S.Pd Professor of SMPN 130 Jakarta Academic Year 2020/2021 1

CLASS 9 ARTS CULTURE OFFLINE LEARNING MODULE \ 1. COURSE IDENTITY a. Subject : ARTS CULTURE (Dance) b. Topic: creative dance floor model c. Class/Semester : IX/1 d. Time allocation: 40 minutes x 4 meetings e. Teacher Name : ……………………………….. 2. BASIC COMPETENCE 3.2 Design – application of floor movement elements and supports for creative dance 4.3 Demonstrate how to apply creative dance moves based on floor patterns using dance supporting elements. 3. LEARNING OBJECTIVES A. Students are expected to be able to appreciate the art of dance and be creative, namely: ▪ Explain the meaning of floor patterns ▪ Identify designs on floor patterns ▪ Make curved line patterns in creative dance ▪ Make straight lines. models in creative dance ▪ Describe the types of creative dance presentation ▪ Express the presentation of creative dance orally and in writing 4. SUMMARY OF IMPORTANT CONTENT B. a. Defining the soil model b. Floor model with straight lines and curved lines c. Creative dance presentation 2 free

Straight Line Flooring Pattern Gives Impression

5. TA TOPIC PLANNING Definition of floor pattern ▪ Floor pattern consists of floor lines that cut through the dancers or floor lines that form the formation of dancers in groups. B. Floor Models with Straight Lines and Curved Lines In general, there are two basic line models for floor models, namely: 1. Straight Lines Straight lines can be made forward, backward, sideways or diagonally. Apart from that, straight lines can also be made with V, triangle, rectangle, T and zigzag designs. Straight lines convey a simple yet powerful impression. Straight lines are widely used in classical dance Example: 2. Curved lines Curved lines can be curved lines, circles, figure eights and spirals. Curved lines give a soft but subtle impression. Curved lines are widely used in primitive dances. Example:3

State the Types of Dances and the Floor Patterns They Use! Sorry, page 2 Mrs. Gada, the problem is only

C. Types of creative dance performances Dance performances are classified according to the number of dancers or followers into three, namely: 1. Solo dance Solo dance is a dance performed by one dancer, although it is not uncommon for special dances to be performed. dance that must be performed by more than one dancer. Among the various types of solo dance are: the mask dance and the nyai dasmah dance (Betawi), the petruk dance runs strong (Central Java). Example: Mask Dance (Betawi) 2. Pair dance Pair dance is a dance performed by two dancers in pairs and one relates to the other or there is a reaction. Dancing couples are often associated with social and war themes. Example: Cokek onde-onde (Betawi), dance reed tabang (West Sumatra). Example: Cokek Onde-onde Dance (Betawi) 4

3. Group dance Group dance is a group dance performed by more than two dancers. Group dance can be divided into two, namely: mass dance and dramatic dance. Massa is a type of dance that is performed by many dancers with the same series of movements, there is no combination of movements that complement each other, while dance drama is a dance performance that tells a complete or partial story, contains a complete or partial story. . drama or sequence of scenes. There are two dance dramas, namely: dance drama with dialogue and dance drama without dialogue (danza sendra). Example: Wayang Kembang Dance (Betawi) 5

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