May 30, 2023

Stay up late in English – Please have at least 2 English conversations with 4 people about what you need to change your sleeping habits.

B: Older people are better off sleeping less at night but they still need about 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period

Stay up late in English

C: Wake up and feel tired during the day, feel rested and refreshed after waking up, and how awake they feel at night.

Becoming a new mother, Nikita Willy confides in sleep deprivation, having to stay up all night for the sake of her first child, her natural innocent face makes her sleepy

New question from English Miko: Hopefully. It can be used as a bag for any occasion as it is designed for two functions, a shoulder bag and a backpack. 7. Who… will have the party? A. Miko C. Olivia BD Karen’s younger sister, Miko, has fresh vegetables at the supermarket every day. The question in the sentence is….A. Does the supermarket have fresh vegetables every day? B. Are there fresh vegetables in the supermarket every day? C. Are there fresh vegetables in the supermarket every day? D. Does the supermarket provide fresh vegetables every day? Did Tony leave last week? () It also has important aspects that you need to master in English

When writing essays in English or reading English texts, you often have to come across sentences that contain words and reasons and reasons. These two words are used in English texts to explain reasons. However, sometimes many of us feel confused about when to use and when not

To help distinguish the use of these two terms, this article will discuss the differences in the use of the terms cause and reason. It can even be said that it is easier to distinguish the use of the word and in English

To find out the priest must use because or after both words as can be seen from the use of the word or sentence If you write a statement of reason only in the form of a noun or phrase, but you must use reason before the word or noun phrase. And if you define a reasoning statement as a sentence that has a subject and a verb or predicate, you can use the reason before you write the sentence.

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Because is a preposition or conjunction of two words, used before a noun or pronoun. Because of the Z meaning, the steering wheel in writing follows the subject which is a noun or phrase, pronoun, or verb.

With heavy rain last night, the sea level rose due to climate change. – Sea level drops during the week during heavy rains and due to climate change

He looked terrible and tired because he didn’t sleep all night because of the test – He looked tired because he stayed up all night because of the test

We have to reflect on what we have done this time. I think he lost because of us

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Tyra didn’t come to school today because she wasn’t feeling well. – Tiara didn’t go to school today because she was sick

Because it is a subordinating conjunction or conjunction, which is used before the subject and verb in a clause or initial clause.

The “cause” formula: cause + subject + verb/sentence + main clause | Main clause + reason + sentence/subject + verb

I’m not happy because the movie wasn’t great – I’m not happy because the movie wasn’t great

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Decided to stay in the office due to bad weather. – He decided to stay in the office because of the bad weather.

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