June 8, 2023

saparapi.idVirtual universe are discussing matters Seblak The recent viral Rafael Tan, so his recipe became a hunt.

Seblak’s virality is known because it was made by members of the Boyband Smash, unexpectedly that the Seblak recipe was actually being hunted by netizens.

So, what is this viral Seblak Rafael Tan recipe like?

Quoted from Poskota.co.id, Seblak Rafael Tan has recently been viral on social media Instagram and TikTok.

The Smash boyband member previously uploaded a video of his old school seblak making on his TikTok account.

After being uploaded, the video immediately became a topic of conversation among netizens.

Rafael’s style when making old school seblak using a mortar has not escaped the attention of netizens because he uses thick Sundanese.

Not only that, the way Rafael enjoyed seblak was quite appetizing, so many netizens were curious to try Rafael Tan’s seblak recipe.

Here is a recipe and how to make seblak Rafael Tan which is very easy to follow.

Rafael Tan’s Seblak Cobek recipe


4 pieces of kencur
15 green bird’s eye chilies
2 red bird’s eye chilies
1 clove of garlic
2 stalks of coriander leaves (optional)
1 handful of white rose crackers

How to make

1. Wash all the ingredients, except the crackers

2. Cut the garlic, kencur, red and green cayenne pepper into smaller pieces

3. Put the garlic, kencur, red and green bird’s eye chilies into the mortar

4. Boil rose crackers and wait for them to soften

5. Add salt, sugar, micin, and flavoring to the mortar then grind all the spices until smooth

6. Put the sliced ​​green onions into the seasoning.

7. Heat the oil until it’s really hot then pour it over the ground spices.

8. Enter the crackers that have been boiled then stir with the spices until evenly distributed.

That is information about Rafael Tan’s Seblak, which is currently a hot topic of conversation among netizens.

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