May 29, 2023

Example of 5 People Drama Script – Drama is a fun show. Lessons about making drama scripts are usually learned from elementary school to practice roles and dialogue. The following are two examples of 5 person drama scripts that can be practiced with friends at school.

Even though the drama should ideally be done by more than 5 people, if your drama group only has 5 people, you can still do it.

Relax, the success of a drama is not only determined by the number of actors, but the script must also be made as optimal as possible so that the storyline is interesting.

A collection of examples of drama scripts for 5 people

In learning Indonesian, one of the tasks that is often given to students is to write a drama script. The drama script itself is a text that contains dialogue between several characters who play a role in a story. These characters must be able to bring the story to life and keep the audience entertained. The following is an example of a 5 person drama script for an Indonesian assignment.

Example of 5 People’s Drama Script about Forbidden Love at School

1. Ani (high school student)
2. Budi (high school student)
3. Nina (Indonesian teacher)
4. Didi (Ani’s friend)
5. Adi (Buddy’s friend)


(Scene 1)
Ani and Didi walked towards the school canteen. Ani looks gloomy.

Didi: Ani, what’s wrong? You look so gloomy.

Ani: This morning, I met Budi in class. He said that he likes me.

Didi: Wow, that’s great.

Ani: But, we are cousins, Didi. It’s forbidden.

Didi: You don’t have to respond to his feelings. Just leave it.

(Scenes 2)
Budi and Adi are talking in the school hallway.

Adi: Budi, why do you look gloomy? There is a problem?

Budi : Yes, Adi. This morning I dared to express my feelings to Ani. But, he didn’t respond.

Adi : You have to understand the situation. You guys are cousins. You have to respect his decision.

(Scenes 3)
Nina is giving a lesson in class.

Nina: Today we will discuss poetry. Has anyone ever written poetry?

Ani: (raises hand) Me, ma’am.

Nina: Great. Share your poem with your neighbor and read it.

Ani: (reading a poem) I love you, even though we are only cousins. However, my heart keeps saying, wanting to be with you forever.

Nina: (surprised) Ani, your poetry is great. You have a talent for writing.

(Scenes 4)
Ani and Budi meet in class after class.

Ani: Budi, I’m sorry if I didn’t respond to your feelings earlier. I also feel the same way as you.

Budi: Seriously, Ani?

Ani: Yes, but we can only be friends. We’re cousins.

Budi: (smiles) I understand. Most importantly, we still support each other.

(Scene 5)
Ani and Budi write poetry together in the school cafeteria.

Ani: (writing) Even though we were born in the same family, my love for you is unstoppable.

Budi: (writing) However, we must step aside and respect family policy.

Ani: (writing) Maybe next time, we can be together.

Budi: (write) Until then, we still support each other and keep our secrets.

The ending of this sample drama script for 5 people shows that even though there is forbidden love, Ani and Budi can still be friends and support each other. We can also learn from the poetry they wrote, that love is indeed beautiful, but sometimes it has to be placed in the right place. Hopefully this example of a drama script for 5 people can be an inspiration in making other drama scripts.

Example of a Drama Script 5 People Study and Cheat

Example of a Drama Script 5 People Study and Cheat

One morning, Ratih went to school earlier than usual. Aside from being on picket duty, he also hasn’t done his Physics assignment yet. He came to class in a hurry because he was running. The time is 06.10.

Ratih : Hi friends! (greeting at the door while catching his breath)

In class, there were already 2 other people namely Andi and Disa. They were both busy writing something.

Andi: Ratih, have you done your homework yet?

Ratih: Not yet! (Ratih goes into class, puts her bag on her desk, then takes out a notebook) I’m cheating on assignments!

Andi: Neither of us have done anything at all. It’s hard!

Disa: I think Andi has. (talking in a sarcastic tone)

Ratih: Even Andi, who is smart, hasn’t done anything, what about me? (Saying in a complaining tone while sitting beside Disa)

Disa: Cheat on who do you think?

Andi: Let’s wait for Damar, please. It’s like he already is.

Disa: That’s right, he won’t be stingy in giving cheats if he’s really done it.

Ratih: Why is the task so difficult? Yesterday I asked my seniors, they were confused.

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Andi: Same! I’ve chatted with Rina’s older sister, who is the student council secretary. Even though he won the Olympics, but still can’t answer.

Disa: I don’t think I can’t answer, she’s a bit dirty like that, isn’t she Ratih? (Looking at Ratih, asking for approval).

Ratih: Really!

Not long ago, the long-awaited Damar finally came. Damar smiled happily.

Damar: Wait for me okay? (Sir tone while sitting in his chair)

Andi: You know! where?

Damar: Different answer, yes! Let’s not find out about Mrs. Erna. (Takes out his Physics book, then gives it to Andi).

Ratih: Hooray hooray!

Andi, Disa and Ratih were immediately busy copying Damar’s work. Meanwhile Damar started to take a broom because today was his picket schedule. Because there were quite a lot of assignments and in the form of essays, they cheated up to 5 minutes before the bell rang.

-teeet – teeet –

Not long after the bell rang, Mrs. Erna, who is a physics teacher, came carrying several books. All the students in the class fell silent.

Erna’s mother: Turn in last week’s assignment, okay? (Orders while standing in front of the door, then sits at the teacher’s table)

Andi: Say hello!

Students: Good morning, Ms. Erna!

Erna’s mother: Morning.

The students collected their assignments. Erna’s mother did not directly teach the material that day, but checked the assignments submitted by the students.

Erna’s mother: Those who copy their friends come forward. Which gives contek too. Before mom calls and punishes mom, it’s getting worse.

Andi: (looks at Ratih)

Ratih: (wink, scared)

Disa: (starting to get nervous because of fear)

Damar: Duh! This is bad. (pats forehead)

Erna’s Mother: One… Two…

Andi, Ratih, Disa and Damar came to the front of the class because they felt guilty and were afraid of severe punishment.

Mrs. Erna: (glancing at the four students) Why are you cheating? The task is difficult?

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Andi: It’s really difficult, ma’am.

Erna’s mother: Even if the answer is wrong, you don’t get angry. I’d rather you answer wrong than cheat. As usual, it’s a punishment.

The four students already understand the punishment that was agreed at the beginning of the semester that they need to run around the field for four laps. The other classes also looked at them while cheering.

Ratih: I’m really embarrassed.

Disa: Don’t let anyone take a photo of me and send it to my mom, I might be scolded.

Andi: (busy counting rounds).

Damar: This is what I call going into the abyss with you guys.

Sample Drama Script 5 People about Family

Sample Drama Script 5 People about Family

Nisa was born in an ordinary family. He has two younger siblings, aged 13 and 10. One day, he came home feeling lethargic because he had been discussing a field trip at school earlier. Nisa is not sure that her parents have up to Rp. 1,500,000.00, while her savings are only Rp. 700,000.00.

Nisa: (enters the room, depressed. There are two younger siblings who are chatting in the room because the three of them sleep in the same room).

When: Brother why?

Nanda: Is there a problem at school?

Nisa: (not sure whether to tell her sister about the field trip) It’s okay Sis. Brother is just tired. Have you come home from the market yet?

Nanda: Already. It seems they are in the kitchen, preparing ingredients for tomorrow’s sale.

Nisha: Oh? I want to meet my father and mother first. (moves from the room, goes to the kitchen to meet his parents).

The father and mother work as satay sellers in the market every morning until noon. In the afternoon, they are busy preparing chicken pieces, spices, and skewers for sale the next day.

Father: Hey, you’re home already, Nis? How come you don’t hear greetings?

Nisa: (kisses the hands of the father and mother) Ma’am, sir. Nisa wants to say. But first listen.

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Mother: What’s wrong? Are you being bullied by a friend?

Nisa: (shaking her head) Actually later Nisa wants to go on a field trip to Yogyakarta Ma’am. Pay a million five hundred thousand. Nisa has saved but only half of it. Nisa is afraid to ask you for money because Nisa knows that you have a lot of expenses. Isn’t there a need for Nisa to just go along?

Mother: Pay the latest when? (Looks panicked because there is no large amount of money)

Nisa: The day after tomorrow, ma’am. Not to mention the preparation. Money for while there too. (starts crying). Nisa doesn’t want to bother you and your mother.

Nanda and Bila: (eavesdropping from the room)

Father: I’ll look for a loan later, okay, tonight. God willing, you will get the money.

Nisa: (shaking) No need sir if you borrow. Nisa just wants to tell this story to ladies and gentlemen. I’m afraid that you know that your friends are leaving, while Nisa doesn’t. The important thing is that Nisa can pay her tuition fees and there is a fee to go to school, that’s enough. Nisa wants to get ready to recite the Koran first, sir. (goes from the kitchen)

Father and Mother: (confused to see Nisa and confused about finding money)

Nisa: (enters the room wiping away tears, then surprised to see Nanda and Billa holding out their piggy banks)

Nanda: Sis just use my money.

Billa : Yes, use my money too. I have a lot of savings.

Nanda: (hugging Nisa) Sis Nisa, don’t be sad.

Billa: (hugging her siblings too) Yes, brother, don’t be sad.

Nisa: (crying even more because of emotion) Thank you. Later, you will replace your savings money after you return from your field trip. Okay?

Nanda and Billa: OK!

You can practice the two examples of a drama script for 5 people above with friends. The duration of the drama above is very short, but it holds a message for the audience. You can add relevant dialogue if needed.

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