May 29, 2023

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Relay running is one of the sports in athletics. The relay takes place by exchanging pieces between players in a certain area. The essence of the relay race itself is to work well together to create a team win.

Runners 2 3 And 4 In The Relay Using Start

The important point to win the relay is the fast exchange of sticks, therefore it is necessary to place the right competitor to win the match.

Technique of Giving the Relay Stick

The first competitor sits on the first track where there is a bend in the track. Therefore, the first runner must be someone who is good at corner running.

Apart from that, first runners must also understand very well how to start properly and correctly, so that the initial running speed is as high as possible.

Beginner runners must also have strong endurance, because running on a winding track requires more energy than running on a straight track.

The second runner is placed on a flat track. Another runner is a person who has the ability to run fast in a straight line. The second runner should be the second fastest runner on the flat on the team. The second runner must be able to pick up the baton correctly and run as fast as possible to the third runner.

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Placement of the third runner is placed on the third track which consists of a turning track and a straight track. Therefore, the third runner must be someone who can run fast on different paths, bends or surfaces.

The third runner really determines the relay race from the fourth or last runner, so the third runner must have the ability to run very fast.

The fourth runner really determines the team’s victory. The fourth runner will run on a flat track, so the fastest runner with the strongest endurance is needed among the other runners. The fourth competitor must be able to run under pressure, because victory is in his hands.

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