May 29, 2023

saparapi.idA citizen Bumiayu villageSouth Dumai District, Dubai City found dead hanging himself in his rented house.

The discovery of a resident dead on Jalan Selamat GG Kerinci immediately shocked local residents, Thursday (25/5/2023).

The death of a teenager by hanging himself was allegedly the result of a breakup from his girlfriend.

According to local residents, reported by Redlinews, the victim’s daily activities were opening a laundry business with her sister.

However, when the victim was found hanging himself, his sister was not there or was out of town.

A new incident was discovered when a laundry customer’s mother was about to take her clothes which had been washed in the victim’s home laundry.

That morning the witness had contacted the victim if the witness wanted to take his clothes. The victim told the witness that he was at home.

When the witness arrived at the victim’s house, it turned out that the victim’s house was closed. Then the witness called out to the victim from outside but no one answered.

Because there was no sound, the witness looked behind the victim’s house and found that the back door was open.

Because the back door was open, the witness immediately entered the house. How shocked the witness was when he saw the victim in a hanging position.

The Dumai Police Chief AKBP Nurhadi Ismanto SIK MH when confirmed through the West Dumai Police Chief Syahrizal confirmed that there was an incident where a young man from Bumi Ayu died as a result of hanging himself.

After an examination was carried out at the TKP and the victim, the police chief continued, there were no signs of violence on the victim’s body.

“The results of an examination of the crime scene and the victim confirmed that there were no signs of violence, this was pure suicide,” said the Head of Police through the West Dumai Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Sodikin.

Therefore, the victim’s family did not ask the victim to be autopsied so that the police would no longer perform autopsies on the victim.

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