May 29, 2023

Ever since president Cyril Ramaphosa appointed the electricity minister saying he would solve the discharge issue, people are still unsure what the minister can do other than visit a power plant. But ever since he had come to his position, things were still the same if not worse. We know that Eskom has plans to implement a stage 8 discharge during this winter. It was as bad as it was at stage 6 and one can only wonder how it would be when it was stage 8. All it had done was visit the various power plants in the country.

However, we know that since he was appointed, it is not clear what authority he has regarding Eskom, and this makes it difficult to make decisions about Eskom. And for a long time it was said that the president plans to take part of the ministerial powers of melineraks Gwee Mantashe and transfer them to Kgosientsho Ramokgopha. But Gwede Mantashe is not happy about this so the electricity minister has been in his position for millions now without any powers.

But all that is over now as the president has finally transferred all the powers and functions of Article 34(1) of the Electricity Law, which was previously entrusted to the Minister of Minerals and Energy Resources Gwede Mantashe. But we have to admit that this is a long time coming. It was clear from the start that Ramaphosa did not want to upset Pravin Gordhan, but he would rather take Gwede Mantashe’s job and give it to the electricity minister.

It was the same Mantashe who ensured that Ramaphosa got a second term as president of the ANC and had the chance to become president once more. This is indeed politics and not for the faint of heart.

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