May 29, 2023

PUBG Mobile Clutches – Player Unknown Battleground Mobile or more familiar with the name PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale genre games today. In the PUBG game, you have to be able to survive by eliminating other players to get a chicken dinner. Of course, this is not easy, especially if the opponent is a pro player.

Apart from that, there are also many players who play using cheats so that we can be defeated easily. Apart from that you have to be able to understand various factors to become a winner in every PUBG game play. One of the important factors in playing PUBG games in order to play like a pro player, you have to understand important terms in the PUBG mobile game.

By knowing the terms in the PUBG mobile game, later it will be easier for you to apply a game strategy so you can get a chicken dinner in the PUBG mobile game. So, on this occasion, Mimin will discuss one of the terms in the PUBG mobile game, namely Clutch PUBG. For those of you beginners in the PUBG mobile game or even senior players, you must know what a PUBG clutch is. Here’s the full review.

What is a PUBG Mobile Clutch?

Clutch PUBG is a condition where a player in PUBG Mobile manages to win a battle alone from being surrounded by more than one enemy. Because he has pro player game skills, he can turn his situation around by defeating all the enemies that surround him alone and can finally win the battle. Players who do clutch are usually surrounded by two or more enemies, but he can turn things around and win the battle.

Well, if it is described in the real world, that is the situation of a person who is beaten up and surrounded by his enemies alone. However, because he has martial arts skills, he can conquer all of his enemies easily, thus winning the battle even though the numbers are unequal.

PUBG Mobile Clutch Strategy Tips

If you are surrounded by more than one enemy, the PUBG Mobile Clutch strategy is very important for you to apply so you can turn things around by defeating your enemies. So, here are the PUBG Mobile Clutch strategy tips that you have to do.

Do not panic

Try not to get sick if you are surrounded by your unequal number of enemies. You have to stay calm so you can see the positions of your enemies on the left and right. Apart from that, with a calm state, you can apply a good strategy to defeat your enemies.


Communication is one of the important keys if you are in a difficult situation facing your enemy alone or your members are fewer than the number of your enemies. Communicate with your other squad members so they can help you turn things around.

Energy Full

If your life is low then you must prioritize drinking or drinking before you push. Because the different numbers that have to be faced are different in your strength. You have to prepare more lives.


If your position is in a state of shortage of members, for example two against a squad or alone against many enemies, more than one, then you order your friend’s position in the opposite direction which you will plank. For example, if you go left, tell your friend to go right

The final word

So that’s an explanation from Mimin about what is a PUBG Mobile Clutch and PUBG Mobile Clutch Strategy tips. Thank you and I hope the tips that Mimin shared will be useful. Don’t forget to visit other articles so you can get other updated information about the PUBG mobile game.

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