May 28, 2023

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Popcorn XXI Prices for All Flavors and Latest Package Options – Watching movies is a very exciting and fun activity, especially when the long-awaited film is finally released. But watching movies isn’t complete without snacks like popcorn. It’s like watching a movie at the XXI cinema, it’s best to watch your favorite movie using popcorn. Those who want to watch movies at XXI, don’t forget to buy delicious and cheap popcorn, perfect for watching with friends.

Popcorn Xxi 2021 prices

For those who don’t know what popcorn is, it is a corn-based snack that was first invented in America. Popcorn was first discovered by a fisherman in Chile. Over time, this popcorn spread throughout America and became the people’s favorite food. Many people go to the circus, fair, etc. because popcorn is their favorite. Like most events, popcorn goes on sale, and now your favorite theaters are selling even more popcorn.

Xxi Cafe Promo Always On

According to many surveys, people like to watch movies while eating popcorn. Many people think that popcorn is a favorite snack while watching movies because it is low in calories and filling. Moreover, the duration of the film is usually long enough so that many people feel hungry during screenings. That’s why popcorn is the food of choice for many people when watching movies in theaters.

Besides being filling and low in calories, this popcorn is perfect for visiting friends because it doesn’t make a lot of noise when you chew it. So that it does not become an obstacle for other people who intend to watch the film. Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors, from savory and/or sweet to your favorite cinema.

Making popcorn yourself is actually easy if you already have the materials and tools to make it. You need to buy oil and popcorn from the nearest shop, then fry it with teflon and it becomes popcorn. But you should know that homemade cinema popcorn tastes different. Because the trick to making popcorn is to make it look and smell more attractive and delicious to eat.

One thing that makes Popcorn XXI even more enjoyable is eating it while watching your favorite movie in the cinema. Of course the smell of popcorn affects the taste. This was evident when I first stepped into the cinema, the first distinct smell was popcorn and thunder which was really good. Besides that, the price of Popcorn XXI is also not too expensive. Usually the price of this popcorn is already combined with the drink.

Surviving the Covid 19 Pandemic, Cinemas in Belgium have swerved selling popcorn

The price of Popcorn xxi above can change at any time without prior notification. However, the price change for popcorn is usually not very high. According to 2019 popcorn prices, a small serving of salt sells for IDR 20,000. In 2020, the price of popcorn will increase to IDR 25,000 like in 2021 and 2022.

Not only are prices usually different, there are also flavor variants that are not being sold at XXI this year. Some of these flavors include The Real Caramel Popcorn to Go, Cheese Popcorn, Spicy Caramel Popcorn and Cashew Nut Caramel Popcorn. Many flavors are no longer being sold, but XXI has also introduced several new popcorn flavors, including Popcorn Mix, Popcorn Balado, and Popcorn Kernel.

This is the latest price information for popcorn XXI this time. Hopefully the popcorn price information above is useful for those of you who plan to watch your favorite movies this week. For more information, contact the nearest Cinema XXI. Or if you want the latest promotional information from XXI, you can directly click below.

You can view the latest weekend shopping list information from the link below: Click here You can view the latest weekend shopping list information from the link below: Click here

How to Make Various Flavors Popcorn, Simple and Very Easy!

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