May 29, 2023

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Powerbank Capacity 8000 mAh for Samsung Xiaomi iPhone

PNY T82-8200mAh Power Bank – Rugged And Certified

When power banks have become widespread, gadget users are now faced with a new problem, namely the difficulty of finding a battery power supplier with the appropriate capacity. Damage in the short term is also a frightening specter for consumers. Responding to this problem, PNY as a manufacturer of power banks and memory products and PC peripherals based in the United States offers the PNY T82 as a solution. Initially, SINYAL considered the PNY T82 to be quite heavy because it used a metal casing. It turns out that it weighs only 206 grams and is categorized as lightweight when you take it wherever you go. That’s because the PNY T82 uses a polymer battery instead of a Li-Ion battery cell which actually makes it bigger and heavier. That’s why the body of the PNY T82 also looks slim with a thickness of only 1.48 cm. With the PNY T82, users can charge two devices at the same time.

In the form of a tablet or smartphone. The two ports are placed on the top side, the maximum total output is 2.1 A. Another complement is the four LED lights near the power button. Its function is to show the power level that is still stored in the PNY T82’s body. Features As a user, you also have to be observant in choosing a power bank. Make sure that the device has security features. Both for your power bank and gadget. PNY claims that this power bank is equipped with 10 security features that other brands of power banks rarely have. The existing safety features consist of over-charging, over-current, temperature and short-circuit prevention.

The power bank is also equipped with an auto-shutdown feature when the charge is full and several other features such as Temperature Protection, Insulation Safety, Over Current, Double Safety System and Stable Voltage. PNY also provides certification for flight safety UN38.3 which is used when shipping via aircraft. Performance The PNY T820 power bank is ideal for use in various devices that have a DC5V input such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, iPods, MP3/MP4, and GPS. To maintain the stability of the electric current that goes into your gadget, it’s better to use the data cable that came with the gadget itself because of course the quality is better.

PNY T82 can charge twice the Galaxy Note 3 battery (3200mAh). SIGNAL recommends that when charging your gadget it is turned off so that the incoming current is faster and can prevent pseudo-charging (the battery indicator is full but the power is not appropriate). When the PNY T82 is empty, recharging is carried out for approximately 8 to 10 hours so that the power bank can function optimally. Charging can be done with a desktop charger or connected to a laptop or PC. The PNY T82 Power bank purchase package costs around IDR 400,000. In the purchase package, you will only get manual instructions and a data cable without the charger head. The product itself is already available in the market. PNY also offers power banks with other capacities ranging from 5100 mAh to 10400 mAh. If there is damage to the power bank that you purchased, PNY provides a one-year warranty with terms and conditions applied.

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