May 30, 2023

Poster About Alternative Energy – Alternative energy is energy that replaces non-renewable energy sources. The use of alternative energy sources is not new. For 125 years, wood has provided 90% of the world’s energy needs.

The limited use of renewable energy is also due to the fact that this energy source is not always available.

Poster About Alternative Energy

For example, in a cloudy sky, the sun’s resources are reduced and the wind turbine does not work when there is no wind.

Solar Energy Digital Art Illustration Isolated On White Electric Battery Generate Alternative Energy From Sun Save Earth Conceptual Poster Clean Ecology Renewable Power Source Stock Illustration

However, countries in the world including Indonesia are starting to consider alternative energy sources, so many countries are returning to using renewable energy sources.

This is based on two things, first, because no new reserves have been found, fossil energy sources are running low.

Second, the impact of the use of fossil energy on humans and the environment is enormous.

Alternative or renewable energy is energy that replaces non-renewable energy sources. All renewable energy sources are included in Alternative Energy.

The Impact of the Energy Crisis, Undip Students Socialize Energy-Saving Lifestyles to Mrs. Pkk and Fkk

Some of them can be used directly, such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, micro hydro, bioethanol to replace gasoline, biodiesel to replace diesel, even waste or waste can be used to generate electricity. .

Different types of energy, renewable and non-renewable, come in the form of direct or indirect solar energy.

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