May 29, 2023 – Hello, what’s up bro and sis bro. Yesterday ua already reviewed about how “PK XD“. This time I will review an article about “Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile“. Come on, let’s not talk too long, because Indo netizens don’t like too long. Check it out…!!!

For years, Pokemon fans have been waiting for a great Pokemon game that could bring something fresh to the hit series.

With Pokemon Go, we’ve experienced augmented reality technology for the first time. However, there is still something missing from the gameplay, especially the storyline.

That being said, with Pokémon: Come on, Pikachu, Eevee! , you will have the opportunity to experience intuitive gameplay along with a captivating storyline based on the legendary Kanto district.

The game is available now for the Nintendo Switch and select smartphone devices. Find out all about this spectacular game with our reviews.

Review Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Mod

With a mixed gameplay of old school Pokemon games and new technology, Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile is without a doubt a promising title.

You will start as a young teenager with an undying desire to learn about Pokemon. Receive our first Pokemon from Professor Oak, grab the Pokedex and embrace your journey through the Kanto region.

Pokemon Let's Go Mobile APK MOD

Battle powerful Gym leaders to earn your badges, catch Pokemon to complete your Pokedex, and defeat the evil organization Team Rocket.

Besides that, you have to befriend your Pokemon to gain their trust and affection. This in turn will strengthen the bond between the trainer and their Pokemon, giving them a strong urge during battle.

Features Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Apk

The game offers traditional RPG gameplay with the same setup from the original Pokemon Yellow. However, gamers will have the opportunity to explore many new elements that have never been seen before. Find out more about the gameplay here:

1. Run, swim, and even ride a horse with your Pokémon

In Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, players can keep their Pokemon with them instead of storing them in Pokeballs.

However, this isn’t a new feature, even when compared to the original Pokemon Yellow. What makes this feature even more interesting is that you can issue more than one Pokemon from their balls.

Because of that, we can make all our Pokemon run when you travel in Kanto land. Besides that, if you have big Pokemon like Onix, Gyarados, and the like, you can even ride them with other small Pokemon. This makes the trainer feel like they are in the real world of Pokemon.

2. Catch the same Pokemon for special prizes

For hardcore trainers who want to collect all possible prizes and rewards, you can try creating a series of catches from one Pokemon.

This provides many benefits because you will increase your chances of meeting Shiny Pokemon and finding simple candies to strengthen your Pokemon.

And loi lo appears in the middle of a session and catches a different Pokemon, all registered stats will be deleted. Therefore, make sure we continue your steps to reach your final goal.

3. Play against legendary master Red

A native character from the original Pokemon games, Red is considered to be one of the most powerful trainers in the world. So that makes it a coveted opponent by every coach who wants to become a champion.

That being said, after completing the Gym challenge and beating the Elite Four, you will have the opportunity to face the legendary trainer.

Fight and defeat him in one-on-one combat. Make sure your Pokemon is strong enough because most of them are above level 90.

In addition, the two of you will be fighting without using any items or anything. Therefore, make sure we come up with the right strategy and have healing Pokemon in your team.

4. Follow the constraints of the Master Trainer

Even though the main gameplay only lasts until you beat the Elite Fours and Red in your last battle, there are still lots of challenges and side objectives that we have to complete in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile. And one of them is the exciting Master Trainer challenge.

As the name suggests, this obstacle obliges you to outpace all Pokemon trainers in all regions by outperforming them in trainer battles.

However, there is one rule for this obstacle, you can only bring one Pokemon to fight with the same Pokemon from other people.

Pokemon Let's Go Mobile APK

Across the entire Kanto region, there will be 153 different trainers, equivalent to 153 different Pokemon in the Pokedex. This will be quite complicated because you have to teach all of our Pokemon so that they can have the required strength. Not to mention that it won’t be easy to catch all the Pokemon in the first location.

5. Connect to Pokemon Go

If we have ever played the old Pokemon games, you will know how hard it is to collect all the Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Nonetheless, in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile, they have made things a lot easier with the option to connect to your Pokemon Go app.

You can use Pokemon Go to scoop up all the rare Pokemon that are hard to find in Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile and trade them on any of the two platforms. This makes things a lot easier as you will also have access to the large community of Pokemon Go gamers.

6. More interaction between Pokemon and trainers

Apart from that, the game also focuses heavily on the relationship between trainers and their Pokemon with a number of highlighted features.

You’ll have access to a lot more interaction with Pokemon besides just keeping them out of their orbs.

Talk occasionally, pet them, give them food, or even scratch their back if they feel itchy. All can be done using touch screen controls.

And as mentioned, the stronger the bond between the trainer and their Pokemon, the stronger the Pokemon will be.

Therefore, loi lo has a strong bond with your Pokemon, it will have a better chance of dodging attacks, healing from poison, burning, paralyzing, and so on. You will have higher chances of winning the battle.

Visual and sound quality


The game offers aesthetic 3D graphics with realistic elements that make you feel like you are playing in the real Pokemon world.

Apart from that, the gameplay is quite friendly with not much violence. Therefore, the game is available for people of all ages with not many restrictions.

And most importantly, the relatively simple graphic demands make this game playable on all devices. Hence, we can experience Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile even on old Android models easily.


Follow all your journeys, you will feel peaceful music and soundtracks that keep you relaxed. On top of that, sound effects and voice actors make the Pokemon world look much more intuitive than before.

Download Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Mod APK

To download this application, you can do it by reducing the download button below:

Pokemon Let's Go Mobile APK MOD Coins

Download Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Mod Apk

How to Install Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Apk Mod

If the download is complete, now is the time to install the application. The installation process must start with permission to install apk from unknown sources. You must grant access or permission by setting it in the Settings menu or Settings on the cellphone.

unknown source settings

Each cellphone has a different Settings menu display. However, if you are using Real me, the permission to install apps from unknown sources can be found in the Security menu found in Settings.

If you have guaranteed that the installation from this unknown source is active, you can install the application using the technique below:

  • Make sure the apk file has been successfully downloaded.
  • Look for the file directly in the storage menu on the cellphone.
  • Check its place in the Downloads folder.
  • Next, click on its apk file. Wait a moment until the installation options appear. Click Install.

After that, we just have to wait until the installation process is complete. Once done, the android system will check the security level until the application is ready to be opened.

That’s all the information about the Pokemon Let’s Go Mobile Mod Apk app. Now is the time to download and install the app. Hope it is useful.

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