May 29, 2023 – Currently, there are many advertisements about trading which have made a number of people interested in getting to know more about how to play binomo trading.

Therefore, for those of you who are curious about this trading, see until the end of this article.

With advertisements from influencers in getting big profits through this trading, this is an enthusiasm and motivation to study seriously and diligently.

It’s not uncommon for users to get great success. Moreover, those who do not have experience in trading and forex, but they can become successful.

Sometimes their success is also shown or made into content on private social media, starting from YouTube to training for those who intend to become members.

With the aim that you can get up and gain experience on how to play binomo trading.

There are many experiences of success, the ease of running the application and also the benefits that don’t lie. Therefore, some people are increasingly interested in trying to take advantage of these trading applications.

This enthusiasm is a good thing, because young people’s minds are starting to develop into their finances.

However, this enthusiasm needs to be based on existing knowledge, so that you can get high profits.

One introduction, namely high return high risk. Which means that investments that have high returns, generally also provide higher risks as well.

Overview of Playing Binomo Trading

Play Binomo Trading

Trading is the activity of buying and selling assets, usually starting from the money market, stocks and crypto. Trader itself is a nickname for people who carry out these buying and selling activities.

Buying and selling of these assets is the activity of a trader. A trader’s profit is obtained when the selling price of the asset is higher than the purchase price of the asset.

One of the dangerous opportunities and risks as a trader is that there are price rises and falls that are too short in a matter of seconds, the price of the asset can go up or down.

The fluctuating price can minimize losses, this happens by professionals who analyze before. This analysis is called technical analysis, which means studying the intricacies of the chart to predict its future direction.

If the prediction shows indications of future price increases, then when buying an asset and it is at the peak of the price, just sell it again. Through this process, benefits can be obtained simply, quickly, and safely.

You can use this technical analysis as a way to play Binomo trading so that you win with a predetermined target.

By using this platform, you will be faced with a chart of changes in market prices that go up and down quickly and erratically, but are still structured.

If you study the binomo trading charts, then you will learn the tools and approaches that are already available. From analytical tools to indicator techniques, they can also be used to help you earn profits for free.

How to Play Binomo Trading Correctly

How to Play Binomo Trading Correctly

1. Technical Analysis and Seeing Candlestick Changes (Stock Price Charts)

In general, price movements that go up and down quickly have a certain pattern, if you have reached a peak then a price decline will appear later. And vice versa, after the lowest drop, the price can rise again.

The conditions above can be called support and resistance. Support and resistance alone can help you decide when to place an up option and when to place a down option.

2. Opening with Small Capital

It is recommended that you start opening with small capital before playing Binomo, then leave part of your balance.

Preferably only 1%, even though the increase in profit returns is small, if you lose it is not too much a loss. And this is perfect for beginners to prevent losses.

3. Understand Various Indicators To Predict Market Changes

There are various types of market movement indicators, one of which is the RSI or an indicator explaining that the asset is overbought or oversold.

This knowledge is the main thing, considering when that point occurs the movement is easy to predict.

What’s more, the Binomo application already has this indicator calculation facility, so all you have to do is use it.

So you guys try to find out how to read indicators and master how to put them to good use.

4. Utilize the 120% Ratio Method

The 120% ratio method means that every time you experience a loss, you should put in an initial capital of 120% of the loss capital. For example, when you first put in 200,000 rupiah and lost, then opened with 220,000 rupiah.

This one method is used to quickly reverse capital after experiencing defeat, because you have lost several times and if you won only once. However, it was able to return the capital.

However, the drawback of this method is that it requires a relatively high cost, because every time you lose, you need to have more initial capital.

Understanding the Risks That Exist in Trading Binomo

Understanding the Risks That Exist in Trading Binomo

Victory Only Appeals 1:5

Charts can indeed be explored, this is one of the important guidelines for traders in making choices when they want to invest anywhere.

Investing assets that have never been analyzed at all, this can enter the realm of gambling.

The analysis tool serves to read notes on changes in market prices, but is not very precise for estimating the next market price. Because even though you have used various tools, the chances of winning are still only 50%.

The 120% Technique is Not So Effective

This beginner’s Binomo trading method is not so optimal. Because you can’t predict what round you will win later. And even though you don’t stop losing, it will be difficult to reverse the capital that has been used up first.

It’s true that big profits are of course accompanied by big risks too, that sensation is obtained when using the Binomo application.

Even so, there is an easy way to learn binomo trading for beginners so that they can get abundant profit in just hours, minutes, even seconds.

Conclusions and Strong Warnings

That’s Playing Binomo Trading For Beginners & Getting Fixed Profits Easily.

However, this trading platform has been blacklisted by Bappebti, so it is not recommended for you to use it.

It is very reasonable to know that the Binomo Trading Platform was once blocked by Bappebti (Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency) and has been listed as providing illegal investment services with 82 similar sites.

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